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    The 9 Best CRM Software for Financial Advisors to Use in 2017

    Being a financial advisor requires knowledge in finance (duh), but also excellent client relationship management skills. What better tool than a CRM to manage the online side of things then?  These tools are generally easy to use, offer a lot of functionalities and help ...

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    Topics: advisor tech tools, financial advisors, financial advisors crm, General, Technology

    Move Over Robo-Advisors, It's a Fintech World

    Remember the days, on the floors of convention centres across America, when whispers of impending robo-advisors sent shivers down the spines of the financial industry? The visions of half human, half machine Schwarzenegger-esque robots, loomed ready to pounce on your clients and ...

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    Topics: Business Growth, financial advisor, Financial advisor marketing, financial advisors, financial web marketing, General, In the News, robo-advisor, Technology, technology, website

    Why We Hate Videos On Autoplay

    If you haven't already grew a distaste towards website videos on autoplay, then you most likely haven't encountered one yet. After all, many modern day mobile devices have been designed to entirely ignore the autoplay function as a step towards creating better user experiences. ...

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    Topics: autoplay, General, Technology, Video, videos, Marketing, ux, website

    Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

    THE NEW WAVE There are now 3.65 billion mobile users worldwide and half of them use smartphones to surf the web. That is a massive statistic.

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    Topics: Design, General, Technology

    FINAEO: Why the Future of Technology is Bright for Financial Advisors

    Guest Blog Post:  This post originally appeared on Finaeo’s blog written by Jonathan Bega.  Finaeo is a sales platform built from the ground-up for financial advisors. Finaeo helps advisors spend more time with their clients, focus that time on the right actions, and develop ...

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    Topics: CRM, Guest Blog, Technology, technology

    [Webinar] Solutions for the Modern Financial Advisor

    Unlike a traditional advisor that keeps regular office hours, Robo-technology is a resource that can be tapped into at any time – it’s working around the clock for clients. Robo web tech strategies are the way of the future in many senses.

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    Topics: Design, integration, Integration, Robo-advisors, Technology, Webinar, technology

    13 Top Advisor Tech Tools

    Ever wondered what tech tools the most productive financial advisors use? We compiled a list of 13 top advisor tech tools for you to use.

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    Topics: CRM, driving traffic, integration, Integration, Technology, technology

    Broker Dealers and Web Marketing: What You Should Know

    A short while ago, we polled corporate professionals from 13 different broker-dealers to understand the construct around web marketing and digital strategy in the financial services industry. We polled 18 representatives from 13 different Broker Dealer organizations. 50% of ...

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    Topics: broker dealers, General, Technology, Marketing

    Automation of Financial Planning?

    There has been quite a bit of discussion about the emergence of automated financial planning and wealth management platforms (aka robo-visors). These includes platforms like Betterment, Wealthfront among several others.

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    Topics: automation, financial advisors, financial planning, fintech, robo-advisor, Technology