5 Faux Pas When Implementing Your CRM System

Marketing • Posted on Apr 27, 2015

CRMWhile a CRM system is an intelligent investment for companies to make, it should also provide maximum value; however, all it takes are a few faux pas when implementing your system to stymie the profit margin. Even veteran-CRM users are committing these kinds of errors.


Below are some of the most common CRM mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not Taking Charge

Your IT Department should offer support as needed but when it comes to introducing any new software, especially one that is highly reliant on user input like a CRM system, it is the individuals using it who need to lead - or at least have input. This helps to ensure they will use it instead of finding reasons against adoption. Additionally, if you put your IT department in charge of your CRM system, they will probably run it based on what they want, rather than the actual business needs.

2. Forgetting the End User

Before you even look at CRM systems, it's important to include your end user in the process if you're going to succeed. Explain to your end users how this new platform will benefit them. This discussion needs to focus on the CRM solution as a tool to improve the entire organization and achieve various organizational goals, such as enhancing revenue, reducing company costs, saving time, improving sales metrics and automating processes

3. Prioritizing Cost over Value

The bottom line should always be on your mind, but frequently the cost of CRM software takes priority over the value it will provide. You do not want to pick a solution solely based on price. Instead, find something that will fit the needs of your organization, that is simple to use and that your IT will be able to provide support for.

4. Failing To Integrate

In order to optimize the CRM investment you make, it is crucial to integrate it with your other systems. For example, when you integrate it with your email and ERP system, it can help increase your revenue significantly compared to companies that do not do execute this significant action item.

5. No Strategy

If you implement your CRM solution without any solid goals, you are bound to fail. It is important to have metrics and goals for each of the business areas that are going to be impacted by your new system. Once you have established the metrics, it is imperative to measure them on a consistent basis.

When you know what the most common mistakes are, you will have a much better chance of avoiding them. This is essential for any company that wants to get the highest return on investment as soon as possible.

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This post was originally authored by Alex Fishleder and originally appeared here on Maximizer CRM.

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