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    3 Ways To Use Video On A Financial Advisor's Website

    Having an engaging website that attracts a consistent audience is the goal for all businesses. Finding the balance of not having ‘too much going on’ but still having an exciting site is important and marketers are always trying to get it just right. A key element that is often ...

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    Topics: Advisor Websites, financial advisors, Video, video marketing

    Why We Hate Videos On Autoplay

    If you haven't already grew a distaste towards website videos on autoplay, then you most likely haven't encountered one yet. After all, many modern day mobile devices have been designed to entirely ignore the autoplay function as a step towards creating better user experiences. ...

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    Topics: autoplay, General, Technology, Video, videos, Marketing, ux, website

    [Webinar Replay] Advisors Ask: Lead Generation

    Thank you to all those who attended our webinar on Lead Generation. If you missed out on our live session, no need to worry. We have everything recorded and have shared all our resources here. You can view the recording below.

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    Topics: blogging for financial advisor, blogging for financial advisors, Free webinar, lead generation, qualified lead, Video, Webinar

    Design Strategies That Increase Conversion Rates - Part 2

    Welcome to Part numero dos (Part 2) of "Design Strategies That Increase Conversion Rates"!

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    Topics: conversions, Design, design strategies, leads, Video, webform

    Financial Website Trend: Video Background

    Trend-setting advisors are catching onto one of the coolest new trends hitting the financial web marketing scene and bringing the web to life using video in the background of their websites, instead of still images.

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    Topics: background, design trends, financial website trends, Video, web design

    The Do's and Don'ts of Website Video Content

    In light of a time where digital marketing is the key to gaining online exposure and higher conversion rates, advisors have been learning to use more powerful content marketing tools to sharpen their competitive edges.

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    Topics: banner, content marketing, How-To, Video, website

    Live Streaming for Financial Advisors: The best of Meerkat and Periscope

    We're big proponents of the concept of video marketing . If we're not dedicating complete blog posts to it, we're making sure we reiterate its importance as a vital cog in any financial advisors' digital marketing machinery. To all you maverick early-adopters out there, we'd ...

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    Topics: General, Video, Social Media

    Banner, Bio, & Blog - The 3 'B' Video Approach for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents

    The blog theme this month has centred around technology and the various tools you can integrate with your website - turning it into an online hub for your clients and prospect - and while video may not technically be a 'tech tool,' it is definitely a 'higher tech' option you can ...

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    Topics: integration, Technology, Video, technology

    How did this financial advisor get over 38,000 YouTube views?

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    Topics: How-To, online marketing tips for advisors, Video, youtube for advisors