How did this financial advisor get over 38,000 YouTube views?

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While based on his media presence it's quite clear that this financial advisor clearly has a high profile to begin with, it is also clear that the video style also contributes to its immense popularity. While 38,000 views may appear to pale in comparison to the millions that music video generates, it is nevertheless extremely impressive given that this is essentially a long commercial for his services.

While this video certainly isn't perfect, it does do some things right - and provides a benchmark for you to compare your videos to.

So, what exactly does this video do right?

1. It doesn't feel like a traditional commercial.

This video isn't a hard sell. While it's clearly got a bit of bias going on, it relays information in a way similar to news coverage. A variety of voices break up the potential monotony of having just one voice, and the advisor himself looks and acts like he's telling a story about something he's passionate about.

2. Strong Production Values.

It is immediately clear that this video has been professionally made - lighting is clear, he clearly knows his lines, and the video editing is professional and attractive. While he may have had a budget to work with, these aspects need not be exclusive to big budgets. Remember our 6 tips on how to make a professional looking video?

3. The message is clear.

The video is concise, and isn't too long so as to bore viewers or worse, lose viewers who simply don't want to spend a lot of time watching what essentially amounts to a sales pitch. Within the first minute it becomes clear what his value proposition is, and why he is good at what he does. Again, a variety of voices and individuals add credence to his message, and also serve to change things up and prevent monotony.

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