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    Why Write a Proposal as a Financial Advisor?

    Why write a proposal?  As a financial advisor, you have to know how to write a proposal. Written proposals are a powerful tool for the financial advisor. They are used to share solutions, business plans, or sales pitches with prospective clients. Proposals are also often used to ...

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    Topics: financial planner proposal, financial resources, How-To, how to write a proposal for a financial advisor, marketing ideas for financial advisors, proposals for financial advisors, Sales Ideas

    How Social Media Complements Sales

    The use of social media has influenced business-to-business sales in a profound way. When  properly integrated with other marketing strategies, social media has proven to boost revenue over time by offering a more personalized sales experience for buyers.

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    Topics: financial social media, marketing ideas for financial advisors, Marketing, Sales Ideas, Social Media, Social media for financial advisors

    Why Competitive People Win In Sales

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    Topics: effective sales, Marketing, Referrals, Sales Ideas, sales opportunties, sales traits

    4 Ways WhatsApp Changed Communication Forever

    4 Ways WhatsApp Changed Communication Forever What’s up with communication these days? No more need for texting (let alone limitless plans) thanks to WhatsApp. Dubbed a “cross platform instant messaging subscription service,” it’s basically like using Gchat or Yahoo! messenger ...

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    Topics: future trends, global communication, marketing opportunity, Technology, whats app, marketing communication, marketing reach, Sales Ideas, Social Media

    Take Charge of Your Prospecting and Revitalize Your Sales Funnel

    Before embarking on a road trip, you need to know a few important facts – not only your point of origin and your desired destination but also a detailed map of the route you want to take. Your prospects go on a similar journey on their way to finding financial services. Their ...

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    Topics: Sales Ideas

    Need to Close the Deal? 10 Suggestions from Our Sales Team

    We’ve all been there: we did everything right to successfully turn a powerful lead into a client and at the very last minute, he backed out. As financial advisors we may not be selling a specific product, but convincing people to trust us with their hard-earned money can be ...

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    Topics: building relationships, closing the deal, turning a lead into a client, Sales Ideas, sales tactics, sales team

    The Benefits of Using a CRM: 3 Hot Topics

    Representing Junxure at events is one of the best parts of my job. Not only do I get to meet with our clients who are excited to tell me how Junxure has made the difference in their firms, but I also get to meet with advisors who are new to CRM technology and are curious to ...

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    Topics: benefits, CRM, General, using, of, Sales Ideas