Top Financial Calculators - Why All Money-Related Blogs Should Include Them

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Advisor Websites • Posted on Mar 28, 2012

All money related blogs should include a look at some of the top financial calculators available. Why? Well, in general terms, to help consumers find the road to financial health and stay there. And to help consumers understand their finances more thoroughly. Any money related blog should be providing that kind of assistance to it’s readers.

So what financial calculators are essential? One optimal calculator is the Account Reconciliatior. This finance calculator lets you reconcile your checkbook and your bank statement, with simple, step by step instructions for checkbook balancing. Money blogs should include this one to help readers understand the importance of balancing and comprehending their banking balances.

The Future Value Annuity Calculator lets readers calculate the future worth of cash flow for annuities over a particular time period and annual interest rate. Readers will benefit from understanding a year to year growth chart and explanations of the importance of future annuity value.

The Household Net Worth Calculator can assist readers in establishing a personal balance sheet, with the ablity to enter data from past and present net worth. Readers made aware of this financial calculator will be able to employ it to experience an essential personal finance statement that accurately measures financial progress over time.

A personal favorite is the Spending Tracker Calculator. This money-blog natural allows readers to easily track personal expenses, tabulating and categorizing from receipts. Keeping track of expenses help consumers to know where there money is going, and perhaps better places to make it go

A sales tax calculator is also an important one to reference on any money blog. This financial calculator allows consumers to calculate sales tax on any pre-tax price or what portion of a tax included price is the sales tax. It’s an essential inclusion that allows readers to understand how to calculate sales tax anywhere.

More esoteric, but equally valuable for potential earnings growth is the time value calculator. This type of financial calculator allows consumers to see both present and future value of their time, and its inclusion leads money blog readers to understand that money itself doesn’t equal profit, and assists with readers wishing to move to a better work position.

On the more basic end of financial calculations, money blogs should offer information about Tipping Calculators. Mobile apps are available for smart phones that help readers quickly calculate the correct amounts without struggling. Readers will benefit from being able to type in the number of people in a party, a total bill, a pre-set tip, and how much each diner owes on a bill as well as simply calculating their own contribution.

Money blogs should also include information for travelers. Exchange Rate Calculators are vital for travelers who need to be able to calculate the conversion of currency. This type of calculator can mean the difference between getting a competitive or poor rate on exchange transactions. These calculators will update world currencies and offer a simple system to do conversions worldwide.

Another essential financial calculator is the Mortgage Calculator. Money bloggers and their readers may find this particular calculator to have a huge impact. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, mortgage broker or realtor, this type of calculator assists with monthly payment and yearly amortization calculations.


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