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Whether it’s an iPad, Blackberry, Macbook, iPhone, or Android, just about everyone owns a digital device to maintain global connectedness and communicate with co-workers, family, and friends with the mere touch of a screen. “Having the world in the palm of your hand” used to be a metaphor; today it’s a reality. Technology has not only changed the way we experience and interact with the world, it has also changed the way we do business.

“Having the world in the palm of your hand” used to be a metaphor; today it’s a reality.

While financial advisors may have initially been resistant or hesitant to embrace social and mobile apps, there are a medley of easy-to-use apps that make it easier than ever for financial advisors to manage their business, clients, and the morass of information regarding the industry. Here are 10 must-have social media and mobile apps that are fun, easy to use, and beneficial for financial advisors.

Bloomberg Mobile: This free application contains the latest business news and data. Users can analyze real-time financial market data, access company descriptions, and get the latest market news and stock quotes. The “my stocks” feature allows advisors to create personalized portfolios of stocks they want to follow for themselves or clients.

Nest Egg Estimator: Rated as one of the top-10 Android apps, this app projects your finances into future years showing income, taxes, assets and debt. You have the option to offer as little or as much information as you want — more data means more accurate results. It also allows you to try different scenarios such as purchases, expenses, job changes and more. Great for financial and retirement planning.

Flipboard Pages: Flipboard Pages offers a simple way for publishers to automatically deliver content in a classy, engaging layout on the iPad. Several publishers whose content is already enabled on Flipboard Pages include ABC News, All Things Digital, Bon Appetit, Lonely Planet, SB Nation, SF Gate, Uncrate and The Washington Post Magazine. When an article from one of those publishers is shared on Twitter or Facebook, a Flipboard user can simply select “Read Article” on an excerpt or double-tap while browsing a section to get a clean, enjoyable reading experience. Use this platform to stay up-to-date on the latest news and magazine content in the financial industry.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite is king when it comes to social media convenience and efficiency. Instead of shifting back and forth between social media platforms, Hootsuite allows admins to oversee and access all of their social operations in one convenient place. Here, you can schedule posts and tweets for all of your social media pages, see trending topics, track statistics and much more. Download this app to stay persistent with social media and save time.

Black Diamond Mobile for Ipad: Black Diamond for iPad allows authorized Black Diamond Performance Reporting clients to access their performance data. Furthermore, it can synch with each user’s personalized Blue Sky web application settings.

“One of the apps our advisors love to use is Black Diamond Mobile,” said Jodi Johnston, president of Financial Advisors of America. “It’s a very useful performance reporting tool that provides the team access to our clients’ account and portfolio information on-the-go. We find the iPad functionality of the app beneficial, as it offers a large enough display screen that can be used in impromptu client meetings.”

Power Presenter: Investment advisors excel at the art of persuasion. Power Presenter lets you upload PDF files using any presentation or publishing tool on your PC. After uploading you can swipe through the various pages of the PDF, and draw on them using your finger. This gives you the chance to annotate your own presentations, providing your clients with clear illustrations of financial trends. Instead of using plain pen and paper, you can impress prospects and clients by using an Ipad.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube: If you’re actively using the latter platforms, you’ll benefit from downloading the their apps on your smart phone. This will not only keep you on your game on all of the network updates, it’ll also give you the opportunity to engage in social relationships on the go. The smart phone platforms are often an abbreviated version of online platforms, and are very simple to figure out.

Mobile applications are the one of the best ways to stay connected, organized, and prepared as a financial advisor. Whether you’re preparing for a presentation or need last minute data on stocks, mobile apps offer a savvy way for you to stay sharp and ahead of the game, thus increasing revenue and making you a highly sought advisor.

Author: Amy McIlwain

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