The Essentials of Human Centered Marketing

Fiona Leung
Fiona Leung • Posted on May 31, 2016

In response to today's exploding digital economy, modern marketing has taken new shapes and forms to encompass designing interactive experiences around content. In today's world, marketing is more than just the sake of creating content for content -it's about producing concepts empathetic to the user (aka humans) by understanding their goals and behavior. Modern marketing is human centered marketing. 

"marketing is more than just the sake of creating content for content -it's about producing concepts empathetic to the user"

While attempting to score more clicks or conversions, we often get tunneled into focusing on the numbers rather than looking at the bigger picture and seeing the actual people behind these clicks or potential conversions. We forget that clicks equal people.  

Although the medium is the message (e.g webform), we need to start re-imagining human relationships beyond the medium. Revisit square numero uno. By understanding human needs, goals, behaviors, and personalities, we can better gauge what our audience wants and ultimately, what makes them convert. In turn, this knowledge can be transferred into tailoring our content to meet their goals. 

So how can you ride the new waves of content marketing and witness your metrics rise? Here are the essentials.

#1. A Solid Brand Strategy

Better marketing experiences are created by a solid brand strategy.

Through a culmination of your brand's core values and client personas, your marketing efforts will be more fine-tuned, cohesive and relatable.


Keep in mind, however, that a solid brand strategy goes beyond logo designs or theme colors. It's about treating your brand as a living, breathing entity to which its characteristics are assigned by you.

Whatever the brand identity you choose, ensure that it remains consistent throughout all marketing efforts.

#2.  A Double Optimization Plan

Website Usability Principles

Adopting a human-centered marketing approach allows you to master the skill of identifying your ideal client's specific traits, characteristics, behavioral patterns and motivations when making decisions. If you can understand why and how your target audience converts, then you have mastered a timeless skill- one that is here to stay in face of many evolving lead gen tactics.

That's why optimizing not only for search engines is essential but optimizing for people is just as important. 

On one hand, you're allowing Google and other search engines to find you while on the other, you're fostering good marketing experiences for people. Achieving both at the same time can be a tough cookie but by performing a balancing act between the two, a double optimization plan can help your metrics soar.

#3. Personalized Content

Content is king but personalized content is...Zeus. Apologies for the terrible analogy but you get the point.

Besides being fresh and timely, content ultimately has to be relatable. I'm talking about being specific in terms of the viewer - being personalized.

content creation

If content is for everybody, then it really is for nobody. Content must be concentrated to entice the right audience and this involves incorporating an understanding of your target clients' behavioral patterns and motivations. 

"If content is for everybody, then it really is for nobody."

A one size fits all content isn't part of human-centered marketing.


It's often easy for us to lose sight of bigger picture. We forget that a person is behind every click whether it be a signup, social share, or a conversion.

Instead of narrowing your view on simply the numbers, try taking a human-centered approach to marketing that recognizes what your target audience really wants and what makes them "click". By doing so, you can better align your content to best match the goals of people.

So take a leap, mix up your marketing strategy! As we're always there every step of the way, check out our eBook on how to create your very own client persona!

Happy marketing!



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