Creating Client Personas: Getting To Know Your Audience [ebook]

Fiona Leung
Fiona Leung • Posted on Apr 5, 2016

Our new "Creating Client Personas ebook" is out!


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With an array of endless options, the Internet has become more than just a tool to search for information and resources but an arena where companies battle it out to win over consumers. In essence, consumers hold all the power to choose whether to buy your services or from your rival who's only one click away.

In face of social media, digital content and the like, marketing yourself has become extremely challenging, especially when nearly everyone on the block is hungry for the exact same thing.

So how do you really make yourself stand out from the sea of competitors? 

The answer lies in niche marketing and that's where creating client personas come in handy.

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What Exactly is a Client Persona?

A client persona can be best thought of in terms of your ideal client. Essentially, an ideal client is the type of client you consider to be ideal for your practice and expertise. The only difference is that a client persona delves much deeper into identifying the specific traits, characteristics, behavioral patterns and motivations when making decisions.

Why Should You Care?

By better understanding your client persona, you can create a narrative framework that can help guide you in all your messaging, marketing, communication and cultivation efforts. Tailoring your marketing strategies to suit your client persona's needs is crucial to the success of your brand.

This ebook will cover...

1.) More in terms of what a client persona is and why it matters.

2.) Ways in which you can use client personas to improve your marketing strategy. 

3.) Methods to create your very own client persona.

4.) How you can put your client persona to use. 

Strengthen your niche marketing strategies and sharpen your competitive edge by downloading the complete guide to creating client personas today!'s also FREE so don't snooze on this one! 


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