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    Introduction to Creating Buyer Personas for Financial Advisors

    Introduction: What Are Buyer Personas? A buyer persona is a fictionalized portrayal of your ideal customer(s), painting a life-like picture of who that customer is. Even in a niche market, you likely have at least 2-3 specific buyer personas that you can target. Buyer personas ...

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    Topics: content marketing, email marketing

    The Benefits of Lead Nurturing As A Financial Advisor

    Lead nurturing is not a particularly common term among financial advisors and typically it applies to large sales and marketing teams. However, this is very relevant to financial advisors but on a smaller, more detailed scale. Lead generation is simply finding interest in your ...

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    Topics: email marketing, financial advisors, networking, online growth, Lead nurturing

    Have You Hired Your Email Signature?

    Day in and day out you have the opportunity to make an impression on numerous clients, prospects, friends, colleagues, influencers, and partners in a powerful and effective way. Yet, many advisors are missing out on leveraging the most frequent communication and branding vehicle ...

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    Topics: content marketing, Email Marketing, email marketing, email signature

    The Journey of a Lead: A Tale of Content Marketing Conversion

    Okay. Truth time.

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    Topics: content marketing, conversion, email marketing, Inbound Marketing, lead generation, Lead nurturing, Marketing

    How to Optimize Your Emails in 4 Steps

    Despite the many modes of communication available today, email is still the most used and trusted, making it an effective way to distribute content.

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    Topics: content, Email Marketing, email marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing

    Financial Web Marketing Hack: Automate the Content Push

    In the age of the savvy internet shopper, consumers aren't interested in being blatantly sold to.

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    Topics: Blogging, content marketing, email marketing, integration, Integration, Technology, Social Media, technology

    (Integration) Advisor Websites and MailChimp

    What is MailChimp? MailChimp is an online email marketing solution for managing contacts, sending emails, and tracking results.

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    Topics: blog content, Blogging, email marketing, email newsletter, integration, Integration, mailchimp

    How to Get People To Consistently Open Your Emails

    It’s no secret that with the sheer amount of emails we receive today, breaking through the clutter can be extremely difficult. On average we receive roughly 416 commercial emails a month. That’s a lot of emails to get lost in the chaos. New integrations with G-mail and other ...

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    Topics: Email Marketing, email marketing, financial web marketing, How-to, step-by-step guide

    Shifting away from email

    Email is quickly becoming second choice for companies who wish to reach their target audience. Since most people get hundreds of emails each day, this form of communication no longer stands out to your clientele. In addition, emails can be deleted or detected as “spam” by an ...

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    Topics: Email Marketing, email marketing, email marketing for financial advisors