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    Website 101: The Importance of Having a Target Audience

    In midst of all the excitement and urgency during the production of a website, advisors often focus too heavily on the blowing their competitors away and lose sight of who their target audience is.

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    Topics: Business Growth, buyer persona, client persona, communication, How-To, target audience, website

    The Essentials of Human Centered Marketing

    In response to today's exploding digital economy, modern marketing has taken new shapes and forms to encompass designing interactive experiences around content. In today's world, marketing is more than just the sake of creating content for content -it's about producing ...

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    Topics: buyer persona, client persona, content marketing, human centered marketing, SEO, Marketing

    Creating Client Personas: Getting To Know Your Audience [ebook]

    Our new "Creating Client Personas ebook" is out! click on cover above to claim your copy

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    Topics: Business Growth, client, client persona, ebook, financial advisor, niche marketing

    Free Worksheet for Developing Buyer Personas as a Financial Advisor

    In the past we introduced developing buyer personas to you in this post on our blog. In fact, we created this worksheet (with a little help from Marbles the Moose) to assist with your next buyer persona brainstorming session!

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    Topics: buyer persona, Checklist/Template, client persona, Financial advisor template, Freebies, Template, worksheet