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Writing the Perfect Blog Post

“No traffic! What can I do?” This is a common problem and we always ponder upon how a blog post could be improved. Writing a blog is time consuming and tough to begin with, but why have a blog in the first place? People underestimate the power of blogging and the benefits it can bring to your business. Not only does blogging increase engagement, populating blog content keeps the website active, driving more traffic to the page, which can transition to increase in clients and profit.

It isn’t rocket science but some can argue that there is a long and complex formula to create the perfect blog post.

From our past experiences at Advisor Websites, here are the top 3 things you can do to transform your content into the perfect blog.

#1. Coming Up With An Interesting Topic

The content and idea is the meat of your blog. If the text is too long, repetitive and boring, no one will want to take the time to read it. As the writer, put yourself in the shoes of the reader and think what would gauge their interest.

You can start by identifying common problems that currently exists in the industry, look at how others are handling these problems and what is the best solution you can offer that makes your company stand out from the rest. This also creates the opportunity to state how your company owns a competitive advantage over the competition.

If that is too tough, start by looking at the comments and feedback from previous blogs. 9 out of 10, a light bulb will pop in your head when coming up with a topic.

#2. Making It Aesthetically Pleasing

Putting the effort and making the blog look pretty is another important component. Blog aesthetics helps increase engagement and the reader’s interest right off the bat. The last thing you want to do is make your blog look like a dictionary. When designing the blog layout, we always do some of the following:

  • add a featured image at the beginning of the post
  • upload high quality photos
  • use simple text formatting to emphasize key points
  • include infographics

#3. Including A Hook

An individual is exposed to thousands of content in a single day, but the brain only processes the information that they find appealing or relevant for them. Coming up with a fun, unique hook will gauge their attention and get the audience interested for more.

Imagine a hiring manager flipping through countless number of resumes and your goal is to engage the manager’s attention. You probably won’t get the interview if your resume is similar amongst all the others, but if your resume is unique, appealing and stands out from all the rest, then you have the advantage. Similar to blogging, except in the analogy the manager represents the target audience. Your blog can stand out by following the 3 things mentioned above.

Though these are only three points, there are a lot of factors left unsaid.  A blog brings forward many benefits, advancing online presence is only one them. Check out the following infographic from iSpionage. It covers a lot of important aspects people will forget to consider, making it the perfect reference.

perfect blog post


If you think there is one factor that outweighs the importance of the other, please share it in the comments below. Otherwise, feel free to share this post through your social networks.

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