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Advisor Websites • Posted on Oct 26, 2016

This is a guest post by Rebecca Hill  of TechWyse. TechWyse specializes in building online corporate identities through conversion-friendly creative development and measuring the effectiveness of all website traffic with their proprietary lead tracking software AdLuge.

Images are everywhere on Facebook. Profile photos, cover photos, thumbnails, ads and sponsored posts are just a few of the many images marketers, designers and those working in social media need to populate.

Facebook is continuously updating its recommended dimensions, making it important to stay on top of the latest specs. TechWyse created the below Facebook image sizes cheat sheet for quick reference of all the dimensions for everything from posts to mobile ads.

The infographic is printable, so you can simply hang the cheat sheet at your desk or office to save you time when designing in the future – or you can bookmark it for quick reference.

Facebook images that don’t adhere to the recommended dimensions can lead to pixelation or clumsy text. This can cause users to ignore or disengage with your posts. As well, Facebook will automatically choose the center for images that don’t fit the recommended dimensions, potentially causing important aspects of the image to be cut off.

To create an engaging Facebook presence for you, your company or your clients, images are crucial – and this infographic goes beyond listing dimensions and provides tips and advice to ensure your posts perform well. For example, it’s important to note that Facebook will not approve promoted posts with more than 20% text. As well, you’ll be able to see dimensions for images in your news feed as well as the right column.

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The Facebook image sizes infographic below also lists the allowed characters above and below posts, in event information and surrounding ads.

Whether you’re a marketer, designer, business owner or social media expert, Facebook’s ability to generate engagement and attract customers make it an important social media platform. Check out the below infographic to learn more about how you can optimize your images for Facebook.

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Facebook Cheat Sheet




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