Exclusive Ebook: Leveraging Social Media

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As a Financial Advisor, you’re already an expert at building relationships with people. In this exclusive ebook, we explore how you can further take advantage of this skill through social media.

"Social media is all about connecting with people and building relationships, it allows you to establish your expertise and build your reputation."

exclusive ebook

In this exclusive ebook we discuss:

  • Choosing the right social media platforms
  • How to manage your social media accounts
  • The three steps to building relationships online: connect, engage, and provide value
  • Tips & Tricks for Facebook and Twitter
  • How to take advantage of analytics
  • Deciding the right times to post on social media
  • Best practices for lead generation on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Author: Kirsten Ulveland

Topics: ebook, General, Social Media

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