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    Top 6 Productivity Tools for Financial Advisors

    Last Thursday, April 17, we were lucky to have two financial experts lead our round table discussion on Integrating Technology into your advisor firm. Michael Kitces, of The Nerds Eye View, and Roger Whitney, of Plan Well & Invest Wisely, thrilled our audience on topics ranging ...

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    Topics: financial advisor technology, Technology, tech tools for advisors

    And the Definition of Obsolete Technology is…

    While attending a technology seminar, the speaker mentioned “obsolete technology” several times during the presentation. At its conclusion, I asked what the definition of “obsolete technology” is.

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    Topics: financial technology, obsolete technology, Technology

    The Essentials of Google Analytics for Financial Blogging

    The modern marketer is one part artist and one part scientist. Not only do you have to be creative, engaging the senses of your web traffic, but also you have to remember the numbers - measuring the successes (or failures) of your marketing strategies. Taking a look at the ...

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    Topics: Analytics, Blogging, financial marketing, metrics, Marketing

    The Practical Math of Succession

    The math is simple. The longer an advisor can postpone a sale, the more cash is put in his/her pocket. Whether the sale happens today or five years down the road, the sale proceeds will always be there. In the meantime, an advisor can bank additional income. Indeed, an advisor ...

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    Topics: financial advisor advice, your practice, Organization