4 Ways For Financial Advisors To Improve Their Conversion Rate

Bryn Evans
Bryn Evans • Posted on Jul 26, 2018

As a financial advisor, it is very common for someone to show interest in your business but following through and becoming a client is another matter. This can apply both online and in person. Interest and traffic online is a good measure for success, but you want to be seeing actual results from your online presence and grow your client base.


Call-to-actions (CTA’s) are the number one way to boost your conversion rate online because it simply requires the visitor to take positive action towards your business. A button is normally included underneath or beside a section of text that will promote the user to “Book an Appointment”, “Subscribe to Newsletter”, “Email here” or something of that nature. This button will bring the user closer to signing on with you to some degree. Carefully placing these CTA’s on the website and appropriately wording them is something to be mindful of. This tool can be an excellent conversion tactic on your website if used well.

website formatting is very important for digesting

Website Formatting

It is important to remember that most people have short attention spans online, skimming is a common habit and HubSpot reports that 55% of users typically spend less that 15 seconds on a website. Breaking down your website content in a more digestible way, like bullet points, will help readers take in the information you want them to. Also highlighting the main points in bold or color can boost that too. ‘Above the fold’ is an expression used for anything that is seen on a website that doesn’t require any scrolling. It is vital that you put your most important, eye-catching information above the fold so people are less likely to leave the site quickly.

saying thank you is a good practice in business

Saying Thank You & Feedback

When a visitor does eventually book an appointment online or provide their email to you, remember to offer them a token of appreciation, and not just a message saying “thank you”. Including a coupon or small monetary discount will go a long way for customer appreciation. Including a form at the bottom of the website that asks something like, “how are we doing?” shows that you genuinely care and the client will feel like they are dealing with a personalized business. All of these factors will contribute to your conversion rates even if they seem like small details.

having a search setting with help with user Interface a lot

Search functions

When a user enters a website, typically they have one goal in mind and if they can’t achieve that goal quickly they will get frustrated and leave. Providing a search bar will allow users to type in keywords and hopefully they will find the information quickly. Chatbots are also becoming the norm for web design as users have multiple questions that they want answered in a conversational tone. Although time and effort has to go into getting a chatbot fine tuned and adding to your website in a positive way, it will be worth it for how it can direct traffic to areas of your website that can convert. It will be working for you behind the scenes, almost as a second employee.

Conversion rate is a good measure of a business to see how well it can convert interest in the business into solid results. The more resources you can contribute to this, the more growth you will experience.


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