4 Content Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Your Online Traffic

Bryn Evans
Bryn Evans • Posted on Jul 24, 2018

Content marketing is the new movement among marketing divisions in a business that is creating a much more interesting side to the internet. Instead of companies pushing their products and brands upon customers in a desperate plea for attention, they are building out interesting, valuable campaigns. Blogs, infographics, contests and videos are the new way to show your business knows what it's doing and draw in potential customers. The game is all about creating value and consistently doing so.

Content marketing complements web traffic well


Infographics are an excellent way to promote your content marketing campaign. Visually appealing designs with bright colours should be the goal in order to catch the eye of any reader. You will want to choose a topic that is relevant within the industry so that you can gather a wide range of facts on it. Typically the design would be a long and thin piece that would flow top to bottom for the reader. You will want to collect facts that are unknown to create an interest for the material. Visually representing numbers and statements in larger, bolder fonts will draw attention as well. Canva is a great, free resource for people who have limited graphic design skills who want to make infographics quickly and effectively. Design Wizard offers a free subscription model with over 10,000 professionally designed, free templates and 1.2 million images in their library. 

It is vital your infographics catch the eye


Making a promotional video is something you will be able to share with a large audience and it can become a true representation of your brand. You can get very creative with this and hire a specialist to craft the ideal piece of material for you. The downsides to this is that video is expensive in the marketing world. You want it to be good quality and not tacky because if a good video can do wonders, a bad video can do damage. If you don’t have the equipment or a media director, a simple way to go would be by stitching images and short clips together through Animoto. This tool is very user friendly, doesn’t take much time and results in clean, authentic videos.

There are easier ways to create video than expensive set ups


Contests can be a win-win situation in the marketing world. Prospects will be offered up a prize but always with a return for yourself. “Enter your email for a chance to win a free consultation” gives the opportunity to really grow your email lists and it will get your clients and prospects excited about your business. People will think you are a generous business by holding competitions and this will help your brand tremendously. ‘Spin the Wheel’ is an opportune way to gather as many emails and information as possible. The concept of gambling is involved and that keeps people coming back.

Contests can be very successful

Blog articles

Blog articles are companies main source of marketing power with 53% saying it is their top priority. An important aspect that many companies miss is sharing the article after the publish date. Most traffic for blogs are from re-discovering content and over time this can become more and more relevant.

These are four techniques that can be the core of your content marketing strategy. All four will create value and interest among your prospects and will generate leads from around the internet. It is important to note that there is a balance between the quantity of of the content you release as you don’t want to overwhelm them with a vast amount of information. If you can tackle all four of these strategies, your inbound marketing will soar.


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