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Fiona Leung
Fiona Leung • Posted on Aug 1, 2018

"You handle the numbers, we'll handle the pixels." 

While Advisor Websites continues to prosper as a leading website provider in the financial services industry, we have grown to notice a great amount of interest from CPA's in developing an effective website presence over the years. This level of enthusiasm and engagement has led us to highlight PixelCPA.com as a vendor who specializes in web development for CPA's.

Conceived on the values and innovation of Advisor Websites,  Pixel CPA, the next generation website builder specifically engineered with CPA professionals in mind, provides the most modern web technology so that the clients can focus on servicing their clients while Pixel CPA handles the website components or the pixels :-)

Gone are the days of starring at a daunting wall of code as Pixel CPA allows for the creation of personalized CPA websites without having to touch a single line of it! It's as easy as moving, removing, duplicating or adding new sections by their seamless drag and drop feature.

Thus, the beauty of Pixel CPA is that it leverages the technology and infrastructure used by AdvisorWebsites.com to provide the exact same award-winning products and services but specifically catered towards CPA's.


In the wonderful world of websites, having an online presence is essential to today's success and survival. Pixel CPA introduces a revolutionary way of ensuring credibility and digital presence without the fuss. The official launch of Pixel CPA is expected in early 2019 and they're looking for a few good early adopter clients to serve!

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