The Entrepreneurial Wealth Manager Podcast featuring Bart Wisniowski from Advisor Websites

Lester Tiro
Lester Tiro • Posted on Nov 7, 2017

We are happy to announce that our CEO Bart Wisniowski of Advisor Websites was recently featured in the Entrepreneurial Wealth Manager Podcast hosted by Scott Sillari. The Entrepreneurial Wealth Manager Podcast interviews successful wealth managers, entrepreneurs, and coaches to learn about their journey and success. Scott is also the co-founder of Vyral Marketing that helps business professionals, consultants, and industry experts capture their expertise on video and promote it to those who need it, effectively transforming businesses from "chasing" to "attracting" with the strategy of preeminence. Scott was also a guest on our Advisors Ask webinar series this year to discuss video marketing solutions for financial advisors.

Bart Wisniowski is the co-founder and CEO of Advisor, a leading provider of website creation, support, and maintenance for professionals in the financial services industry. He is also co-founder of Tidal Multimedia, an award-winning web design firm specializing in large, user-based community portals.

In this podcast Bart covers how to build out a website and how you can figure out what your website will be for and why you need it. You will also learn how Bart built Advisor Websites and created an amazing culture and what you need to do to model his business approach to scaling your financial business.  Listen to the podcast below! 

Podcast Notes and Outline:

  • Why you want a website and what you want to put on it
  • The importance of investing money in yourself to grow and improve as leader in your company
  • How to find what you are passionate about in your business and focus in on executing tasks in that area.
  • How building his Bucket List program created commonalities and culture that aligned with their core values.
  • Why having a mentor is  important and how to not reinvent the wheel doing what other successful leaders proved already works.



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About Advisor Websites

Founded in 2012, Advisor Websites specializes in helping financial advisors stand out and grow their business online with conversion-friendly, personalized websites and targeted digital marketing solutions, all which follow FINRA and SEC guidelines.

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