Advisors Ask: Video Marketing for Financial Advisors With Vyral Marketing

Lester Tiro
Lester Tiro • Posted on Jun 2, 2017


According to HighIQ, 2017 is the year of video marketing and that professional services firms should focus their efforts on creating video content. By 2017, over 74% of online traffic will account for video traffic, and 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily.

In this Advisors Ask episode with chatted with Scott Sillari from Vyral Marketing to discuss how videos can benefit Financial Advisors in their marketing strategy and take advantage of creating videos to expand brand awareness, increase online engagement, and generate more leads. Scott Sillari is also a co-host on the #VyralMarketingShow on YouTube, and a co-host on a podcast called The Entrepreneurial Wealth Manager Podcast where they interview successful wealth manager and coaches in the industry.

Vyral Marketing helps business professionals, consultants, and industry experts capture their expertise on video and promote it to those who need it, effectively transforming businesses from "chasing" to "attracting" with the strategy of preeminence.

During our episode Scott and the team at Advisor Websites answer the following questions:

  1. I'm new to video marketing, how do I get started?
  2. What if I already have video and distribution channels, but need SEO help?”
  3. What content should I be focusing on and typically how long should a video be?”
  4. How frequently should video content be created?
  5. How should I look to promote video content on current platforms?
  6. What if my users prefer to read content rather than watching it?
  7. What strategies are there for creating a headline, description, keywords and in-play branding within a video?
  8. How can I manage “bounces” and unsubscriptions on YouTube?
  9. What kinds of reports will I receive for both the 30 Day On boarding and the Monthly Implementation Plan with Vyral Marketing?
  10. What if my industry is regulated and requires compliance approval?

Watch the Advsors Ask recap here:

At Advisor Websites, we help financial advisors stay up-to-date in the digital landscape by providing only the best-in-class technologies complementing their businesses. Our product, Force, allows financial advisors access to tools that are no longer considered a luxury, including a lightning-fast website builder, content library with scheduling and social posting options, lead manager among many other immensely useful features.

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About Advisor Websites

Founded in 2012, Advisor Websites specializes in helping financial advisors stand out and grow their business online with conversion-friendly, personalized websites and targeted digital marketing solutions, all which follow FINRA and SEC guidelines.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. If you are planning to implement a new marketing practice and are unsure what the regulations are, always contact your compliance department first.

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