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Lester Tiro
Lester Tiro • Posted on Jun 1, 2017

As you may have heard we recently launched a new product for financial advisors to build websites.  Our new product called Force has a sleek new look and has an updated dashboard that allows users for interpretation of your website statistics on one page.  While most advisors are not web data analysts by trade, we identified key metrics that will be useful for you when analyzing visitor statistics.

Leads This Year

Leads Per Year Financial Advisor
The leads panel on the Force dashboard allows users to track their overall lead generation per year.  For a detailed analysis on leads generated users would need to visit the statistics page for more information.

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Visitors This Week

Visitors This Year TrafficFinancial Advisor

This displays the number of unique visitors to the user's website.  Unique visitors refers to the number of individuals that visit your website during a week period regardless of how often they visit.  For a detailed analysis on website traffic users would need to visit the statistics page for more information. 

Notice Board

Notice Board for Financial Advisors

The top right side of the dashboard is our notice board to display product announcement, recent blog articles, and upcoming webinars.

Site Traffic

Site Traffic for for Financial Advisors

This displays a general overview of your website site traffic. For a detailed analysis on website traffic users would need to visit the statistics page for more information. 

Top Content

Top Content on Website for for Financial Advisors

Top content is of the most important reports for your website statistics. Your top content defines what your viewers are most interested when visiting your website. This statistic is incredibly important becasue the feedback that will help you improve your content strategy planning.

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates for for Financial Advisors

This section of the dashboard keeps advisors updated on the latest activities concerning the website. This section includes recent articles published, new pages created, team member added and much more. Plus, it also serves as a reminder for advisors to be more active on their website and keep it up-to-date.

You think it's TOO good to be true? Maybe you should check it out for yourself! Sign up for our 14-day trial now!



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