January's Top 3 Amazing Advisor Website Examples

Fiona Leung
Fiona Leung • Posted on Jan 17, 2017

New year, new website! January presented a fresh and great start to a new year, thanks to the launch of many amazing websites!

But what exactly constitutes as “amazing” you might ask? More often than not, people acquire a website for the sake of boosting their online presence and gaining credibility within their industry. A website is your personal marketing assistant, working around the clock for you 24/7, 365. But simply having a website is different than consistently maintaining and equipping it.

Meet-your -round-the-clock-sales-teamThus, it isn't enough to simply have a website. A website that continually draws in traffic and grows your business is one that is equipped with the right content, design and marketing strategy. It’s one that keeps current and outshines it’s competition. Websites that go above and beyond are deemed amazing.

If you need help sparking some inspiration for your next design/content makeover, we got you covered! Here are the top 3 amazing Advisor Websites for January in no particular order.


#1. Sean Lawrence


Theme: Responsive Jericho

Website: http://www.slawrence.ca/

Reasons for being amazing: This website does a great job at presenting content clearly and concisely while still being able to capture leads where it matters most.

Information is ordered in a way that best fits a visitor's needs and interests. From introducing what the firm offers, iterating the importance of the services offered and providing opportunities to receive a quote, everything is strategically streamlined as bait for visitors to bite.

Also, despite having a shorter amount of content, information presented is still rich and of high quality. Visitors not only are able to find what they're looking for fast but also retaining what they do find becomes a lot easier because of so.




#2. TandemGrowth Financial Advisors, LLC


Theme: Responsive Locarno

Website: http://www.tandemgrowth.com/

Reasons for being amazing: Their content marketing strategy is on point. TandemGrowth reigns in winning prospects over by zeroing in on exactly what services they specialize in as well as the experience that prospects can expect to gain.

Advisors often lose sight of who their target clients are and forget to cater content that appeals to this niche audience. By presenting generic content, you're essentially providing a "one-size fits all" marketing approach when, in reality, not everyone is seeking the same thing. Compelling content that is niche-focused helps sharpen your competitive edge.


TandemGrowth utilizes their website to its fullest by presenting reasons for choosing them as your financial advisor. The website isn't just a place to house information, but it also acts as a sales pitch for visitors.

#3. Capital Planning Group


Theme: Responsive Jericho

Website: http://www.capitolplanninggroup.com/

Reasons for being amazing: As one of many great sales techniques and practiced strategies for increasing conversion rates, giving something for nothing is something Capitol Planning Group does very well.

Now, you're probably wondering, "why on earth would offering a gift be a method for online success?" Let me explain.

Gifts make people want to reciprocate. When you receive a gift, it's often a natural tendency to return the favor. Gifts help sell. Hence the reason why restaurants provide sweets along with bills as a means of increasing tip values.

In regards to Capitol Planning Group, educational workshops and other diverse resources function as gifts. Visitors to the site are far more inclined to convert when education in the form of various mediums (e.g. blog, videos, workshops) are readily offered.



If you think you have an amazing website or would like to learn more about the ways your website can be amazing, feel free to reach us at support@advisorwebsites.com


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