Best Blogs to Read for Financial Advisors in 2017

Kirsten Ulveland
Kirsten Ulveland • Posted on Jan 19, 2017

Blogs are a great source for learning new information. They're removed from mainstream media, so they present a great opportunity for discovering new opinions and insights.  Many financial advisors are writing informative and entertaining blogs, and we think you should give them a read.  Here's a list (in no particular order) of the best blogs out there talking about all things finance.

The Reformed Broker.

 The Reformed Broker (

The Reformed Broker is one of today's most popular financial blogs providing commentary and opinions on the market, politics, economics, media, culture and finance. Written by Joshua M. Brown, a NYC-based Financial Advisor and CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. Brown was also named in the 2015 edition of Investment News "40 Under 40" list of financial advisors.

Follow The Reformed Broker on Twitter: @ReformedBroker

 Abnormal Returns.

Abnormal Returns (

Abnormal Returns "brings the best of the investment blogosphere to our readers every day. For ten-plus years this 'forecast-free investment blog' has become a fixture on the financial scene." Author Tadas Viskanta is a private investor with over 25 years experience and his written work has been featured in the Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Portfolio Management, and more.

Follow Abnormal Returns on Twitter: @AbnormalReturns


FP Pad.

FP Pad (

FPPad focuses on news, insight, and thought leadership in financial planning technology. In addition to a written blog, FPPad also includes a YouTube channel and iTunes podcast. Written by Bill Winterberg, a Financial Advisor who has been recognized as 40 under 40 in InvestmentNews.

Follow FP Pad on Twitter: @BillWinterberg


Workable Wealth.

Workable Wealth (

Workable Wealth is written by Mary Beth Storjohann, a financial advisor with over 12 years experience in the financial services industry. She is also an author, amazing speaker, and financial coach who has a "fun, albeit no-nonsense approach." She as been featured in the Top 40 under 40 by Investment News, as well as the "10 Young Advisors to Watch" by Financial Advisor Magazine.

Follow the Workable Wealth on Twitter: @marybstorj 


Advisor Perspectives.

Advisor Perspectives (

Advisor Perspectives provides market commentaries in an audience-generated forum to share views on the market, economy, and investment strategy. This blog serves as an interactive publisher for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Wealth Managers, and Financial Advisors. The goal of this blog is to provide accurate relevant, and actionable information to the investment advisor community.

Follow Advisor Perspectives on Twitter: @AdvPerspectives


Nerd's Eye View.

Nerd's Eye View (

Nerd's Eye View is written by Michael Kitces, who has two masters degrees in Financial Services and Taxation. In addition to the Nerd's Eye View, Kitces also writes an advanced educational newsletter for financial planners called The Kitces Report. This blog has been recognized as the #1 industry blog multiple times and includes over 1,000 articles on a wide range of financial planning topics.

Follow Nerd's Eye View on Twitter: @MichaelKitces


Scholarly Financial Planner.

Scholarly Financial Planner (

The Scholarly Financial Planner is "a blog exploring the fiduciary duties of those providing personalized investment and financial advice." The blog is written by Ron Rhoades, who has his Juris Doctor degree, BSBA, 30 years experience as an attorney, and 15 years as a personal financial advisor. Rhoades is interested in topics such as estate planning, tax planning, and retirement distribution planning.

Follow The Scholarly Financial Planner on Twitter: @140ltd


Pragmatic Capitalism.

Pragmatic Capitalism (

Pragmatic Capitalism is written by Cullen Roche, an independent financial analyst and portfolio manager. This blog is committed to providing an alternative view to finance and economics.

Follow Pragmatic Capitalism on Twitter: @CullenRoche


Above the Market.

Above the Market (

Above the Market is written by Bob Seawright, the Chief Investment and Information Officer at Madison Avenue Securities, an investment advisory firm and broker dealer. He is the columnist for Research magazine, a contributing editor at Portfolioist, a contributor to the Financial Times, The Big Picture, The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch, Pragmatic Capitalism, and ThinkAdvisor.

Follow Above the Market on Twitter: @RPSeawright

 The Big Picture.

The Big Picture (

The Big Picture is written by Barry Ritholtz, the founder and Chief Investment Officer at at Ritholtz Wealth Management. He was named one of the 15 most important economic journalists in the United States. He writes a daily column for Bloomberg View and 2 monthly columns on personal finance and investing for The Washington Post. The Big Picture covers Investing and Trading to Macro Economics and everything in between.

Follow The Big Picture on Twitter: @RitHoltz


Retirement Researcher.

Retirement Researcher (

Written by Wade Pfau, who is a professor of Retirement Income at the American College as well as the Director of Retirement Research for McLean Asset Management and inStream. Pfau states that his objectives of the Retirement Researcher are to "generate high quality and practical research about retirement and personal financial planning, and to help promote broader education to the public and financial planners about the importance of developing sustainable retirement income strategies."

Follow the Retirement Researcher on Twitter: @WadePfau


Your Richest Life.

Your Richest Life (

Your Richest Life is written by Katie Brewer, a financial advisor with over 10 years experience. She's smart and driven, she got both her CFP and MBA while working full time! Her written work has been featured in Forbes and The New York Times, and she focuses on helping clients balance immediate goals with long-term needs.

Follow Your Richest Life on Twitter: @KatieYRL


The Research Puzzle.

The Research Puzzle (

Writer Tom Brakke is a consultant, writer, and investment advisor. He specializes in helping investment firms and institutional investors with the decision making process and organizational strategy. Brakke writes that the objective of The Research Puzzle is "to illuminate the challenges and opportunities of [investment markets and the business of evaluating them]: not individual investment ideas - there are legions trying to identify those - but new ways of thinking and organizing resources to succeed."

Follow the Research Puzzle on Twitter: @ResearchPuzzler


Mr. Money Mustache.

Mr. Money Mustache (

Mr. Money Mustache is written by a "thirtysomething retiree who now writes about how we can all live frugal yet badass life of leisure." The author of Mr. Money Mustache decided to retire from real work in 2005 and start living a life 50% less expensive and investing the surplus into Vanguard index funds. He now shares his views on living frugally through his blog.

Follow Mr. Money Mustache on Twitter: @MrMoneyMustache

 Gen Y Planning.

Gen Y Planning (

Gen Y Planning is written by Sophia Bera, who has been recognized in the Top 40 Under 40 by Investment News, 10 Young Advisors to Watch by Financial Advisor Magazine, and 10 of the Best Personal Finance Experts on Twitter. Gen Y Planning is targeted towards people in their 20s and 30s, with a focus to help clients with student loans, consumer debt, saving, investing, selecting insurance and company benefits, tax planning and more.

Follow Gen Y Planning on Twitter: @sophiebera


The Aleph Blog.

The Aleph Blog (

The Aleph Blog is written by David J. Merkel, who runs his own equity asset management shop, called Aleph Investments. He manages separately managed stock and bond accounts for upper middle class individuals and small institutions. His objectives for The Aleph Blog are to "interact more broadly with the blogosphere, adding my own distinct ideas to the mix, fight for what is right in money management, and encourage readers to pursue strategies that reduce risk and enhance returns."

Follow The Aleph Blog on Twitter: @AlephBlog


Investment Writing.

Investment Writing (

Investment Writing is a blog to help financial professionals increase the impact of their writing for clients and prospects. Written by Susan B. Weiner, who writes and edits white papers, articles, and investment commentary for leading investment and wealth management firms.

Follow Investment Writing on Twitter: @SusanWeiner


The Chicago Financial Planner.

The Chicago Financial Planner (

The goal of the Chicago Financial Planner is to provide ideas to readers in the "hope of guiding them to take actions needed to plan for the financial future they desire for themselves and their families." Written by Roger Wohlner, a freelance financial writer and fee-only financial advisor who refuses to accept commission.

Follow The Chicago Financial Planner on Twitter: @RWohiner


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