3 Examples of Excellent Content Marketing in FinServ

Sara Ruthnum
Sara Ruthnum • Posted on Jan 14, 2014

Content marketing is taking the marketing world by storm! And guess who is leading the way, according to the Huffington Post? The financial industry is killing it in content creation!

With so many exciting campaigns sprouting up, we thought we'd share 2 examples of excellent content marketing in FinServ to inspire your 2014 marketing plan.


Mint’s MintLife blog

mintlifeMint is a fine example of giving your audience valuable and original information that they want to read. Mint is great at engaging it's audience by writing interesting and entertaining blog posts daily to educate it's readers. They have a knack for creating the right content that readers actually want to consume, which is the bases for a great content marketing effort.

Read the tasty blog here!

Fidelity Investments Podcasts

fidelityFinally, take a hint from Fidelity and think outside the box to produce content outside of traditional writing. Fidelity created weekly podcast to educate its users on the go. Top portfolio managers and market strategists are front and center via podcasts and video segments where they share market analysis and expectations. Podcasts are a great way of growing your experts status in a particular financial niche. And if inspiration is hard to find, look around your surroundings. Chances are content is closer than you think!

Take a listen to Fidelity's podcasts here.

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