Ten Characteristics of a Mentor

Rosemary Smyth
Rosemary Smyth • Posted on Jun 26, 2012

Having a mentor offer advice and guidance is a valuable advantage in helping to shape the right career path. Mentorship is the process of bringing together experience and knowledge and sharing it with others. Mentor relationships can be short or long term, and you are not limited to only one. Having several mentors can give you a variety of perspectives.

The ten characteristics of a mentor are:

  1. Someone that you respect and admire.
  2. Someone who is experienced in the industry.
  3. Someone willing to give advice and share his or her expertise.
  4. Someone able to connect for meetings.
  5. Someone who feels empathy and cares about your success.
  6. Someone who has a positive attitude and gives encouragement.
  7. Someone who is a great role model.
  8. Someone who has similar goals and a strong focus.
  9. Someone who is open and honest.
  10. Someone who believes in you and can identify opportunities for you to learn.

Mentoring offers a valuable relationship. Having clear boundaries about what that means, and what you both will be getting out of the relationship, is a key first discussion.

People who have had mentors throughout their career and enjoyed a positive experience are often are willing to be mentors themselves. Look for a mentor that has a good reputation for mentoring others, and someone who has the time and energy to commit to the mentoring relationship.
If you are gaining insight and using new skills and feel that you aresupported by your mentor, you have picked a good one.


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