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Free Online Financial Calculator Options

There are many options that a quick google search brings up for the terms 'free online financial calculator.'

We want to help make our financial advisor websites the best possible resource. Both for the advisor and for their clients.

Here is a short curated list of our favorites:

1. is the top result and for a reason.  This site has it all. Every type of financial calculator known to humankind. From retirement calculators to tax, to investments to car insurance payments. And so on. This is not embedded but a simple enough tool. Just punch in the data on the appropriate lines, hit enter, and you are ready to analyze your data.

2. Advizr Express is a partner of ours. They provide a pretty nifty tool with an embed code. If you think your website needs a bit more utility, try adding this. A guide on how to add Advizr is linked here. It is easy to do and we are here to help install it. Below is a screen capture of what the simple chart looks like.

Free Online Financial Calculator Retirement Graph


The purpose of this tool is also to act as a lead generation tool for financial advisors. Once the user tries the calculator, there is a button pointing them to insert their information and seek out an advisor. Pretty cool if you ask us.

3. Another great option for a free online financial calculator is on this financial calculator org site. This is a clean and simple design with everything you could need. This is also one of the top results on google. This is also not embedded. But it is a great and easy to use tool. The graphic icons make it a bit more tablet friendly.


So as you can see from these three options, 1 is an very UX friendly embedded tool with a lead gen purpose. A great added utility for any website.

The other two are the top google results for the terms and are clean and simple to use sites. We think all of them are great.







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