Why Font Choice Matters for Your Financial Website

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Advisor Websites • Posted on Aug 12, 2014

laptopWhy your website font matters:

Your choice of typography really does matter when it comes to creating your website. Font choice is an essential component to the overall design. It adds to the look and feel of the website and provides personality - After all you want your website to stand out for the right reasons. People visit your website  to gain and share information. A large bulk of this is through writing; although visuals are important as well.

Ultimately it’s a must to have your end user in mind. Think about your audience before guiding your decision as you wouldn’t want to choose an outrageous and small font for older generations, as an example.

Some rules to guide you through your choice:


Can your visitors actually read what you’re providing? This may seem like a no-brainer, but you may be surprised how many times font choice makes text hard to read. Think about cross platform experiences when making your decision. Can the traffic read it on their ipad or desktop? Defining your audience beforehand will help to guide your decision on what kind of font to use. General sizes and colour need to be taken into consideration as well.


As many marketing expertise say, a good marketing campaign involves consistency. Making sure that you communicate an integrated message across several different departments is crucial for your brand. Find one or two fonts that you like and stick to them. It’s okay to use two or three different types of font, as long as they are used for the same purpose. For instance, h1 and h3 are consistent across the board.

 Business alignment:

Communication of your brand and company is one of the primary purposes for having a website. You want to give off a message that aligns with your business. This means being selective with your typography choices.

*note: Adhere to web standards when choosing a font choice (why go through all the hassle to find out it’s not supported by the web)


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