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Advisor Websites • Posted on Aug 13, 2014




The Financial Round Table Thought Leader Discussion continues with VitaVie Financial Planning's own Kristin Harad. Tune in Thursday, 21st @10am PDT to hear Kristin share her expertise and approach to niche marketing and lead generation for financial advisors. 

Join us for an open conversation hour with Kristin Harad, CFP(R) founder of VitaVie Financial Planning and Marketing Trainer/Coach for entrepreneurial financial advisors.  Submit your questions and listen in as Kristin discusses her approach to niche marketing and lead generation for financial advisors. 

About Kristin:

Kristin started VitaVie Financial Planning to service the needs of expectant parents and families with young children.

By coupling personal financial planning with coaching, Kristin helps eliminate her clients' anxiety around money and proactively addresses the issues that arise with the increased financial responsibility that accompanies parenthood.

With nearly fifteen years of client management experience, Kristin has worked for major financial players including Charles Schwab, Visa, and Chase Bank (JP Morgan Chase). As such, she has extensive knowledge in retirement planning, credit cards (leveraging what is helpful and getting rid of what is not!), home equity products, and utilizing brokerage services in additional to more general financial planning.

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