Networking In The Age of Digitalization

Amy Marleau
Amy Marleau • Posted on Nov 15, 2018


We don't have to mention to you the importance of tech or emergence of new practices related to robotization, such as robo-advisors. Really, this has been over done and is still being preached by countless people. What we can offer here, is a unique take on rising tech. Through all these new digital advances, there is something which has not yet changed, and will in all likelihood never change: the importance of human connection. There is nothing like old-fashioned human contact and communication. Bearing that in mind, we've decided to compile an awesome list of ways technology can enhance your business through networking.

LinkedIn for Financial Advisors


LinkedIn is more or less the epitome of online networking. Although it might not be the easiest or effective way to find clients, it's a great way to get connected with others in your industry and show off your knowledge by sharing and/or writing articles. LinkedIn can be great for reaching out to people in your vicinity, and get involved in the local community. A great way to do this would be to create a showcase page. This type of page can be used to advertise your business, and is hyper-targeted. So, if your business is located in a certain town, you can target people from said town using your page. 

Websites for Financial Advisors


We're obviously big believers in the benefits of having your own website here at Advisor Websites. It can be a great way to not only find new clients, but also stay in touch with current clients. Through your website, you can offer a way for people to contact you, and perhaps even a calendar feature so people can book an appointment with you, and see some of the local events you might be hosting or attending. 

Calendar settings for financial advisors

Utilizing An Online Calendar

As mentioned above, technology can only serve to aid, but not replace, real human connection and communication. The greatest thing technology can do for you is give people an easy and quick way to meet you. This feature is streamlined through calendar add-ons such as Calendly, which you can integrate into your website. This means you are accessible to people almost anytime. No more need to keep a meticulous paper agenda, it is all done for you online now!

Networking events for financial advisors


Speaking of local events, this is probably once of the most useful ways to connect to people. The best part? You don't even need to leave your office to host one. A simple online event could be hosting a webinar video on a topic such as retirement planning. As to finding interested parties: using your website and social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn is a great way to advertise local happenings. Our websites even have a special events feature for you to use and enjoy! Pro tip: add location filters to narrow down the people who see your content, and consider paying for ads if you'd like to reach more people. If you are not interested in hosting an event, it is incredibly easy to do a quick Google or Facebook search to find relevant activities nearby and explore those. 


This new era of cybertech does not have to be equated with the a business's struggle to survive, or the loss of jobs to artificial intelligence. Technology, if used the right way, can help enhance a business, and facilitate networking. However, it is never a good idea to ignore the power of plain old in-person meet-ups, and the chance to connect with another human. 


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