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Do you enjoy audiobooks, radio, YouTube videos, or any other type of verbal media? Then we've got the perfect (somewhat) new social and educational platform for you: podcasting. Podcasts can be streamed from multiple platforms such as Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and many more. They are accessible, free and they are perfect for listening to on your commute to work in the morning. If this intrigues you, then read on, as we've compiled 5 podcasts specifically geared towards financial advisors to help you become an even better advisor. 

Between Now and Success Podcast

1) Between Now and Success

This podcast hosted by Steve Sanduski, CEO and co-founder of ROL advisor and founder of Belay Advisor. In it, Sanduski interviews various people from business backgrounds, and they discuss how they found success through business and personal life anecdotes. This podcast is great for anyone who wants tips, advice, and loves to hear about how others have overcome adversity to reach their definition of success.  

Financial Advisor Success Podcast

2) Financial Advisor Success

Michael Kitces has a long and solid history within the financial industry, some of his most impressive exploits have been to be the editor of the Journal of Financial Planning for some time, and he is the co-founder of XY Planning Network. In his podcast, Kitces gives an all access pass to the lives of some of the most successful financial advisors in the world today. 

Freakonomics Radio Podcast

3) Freakonomics

In this mildly wacky podcast, Stephen Dubner, an American journalist and author, delves into the hidden side of things. Covering a whole range of topics including things such as the economics of sleep, this is not the type of podcast that will make you snooze off. As a bonus, there is also a Freakonomics book and website, if you find yourself falling in love with the podcast. 

NPR Planet Money Podcast

4) Planet Money

Planet Money is a great educational but entertaining podcast run by the BBC. In this podcast, you'll learn all about economics and current affairs. This might touch on topics which you as a financial advisor already know about, but it might be interesting to bring the knowledge from this podcast to your clients and provide them with real-world information and outlooks on topics they may enjoy. 

BBC Money Box Podcast

5) Money Box

Money Box, also run by the BBC, is a great source for news on personal finance and how to manage your money. As mentioned above, this podcast may touch on topics which you are already an expert on by now. Consider either using it as a way to refresh some knowledge on topics which you may not have had to think of in a while, or as a potential resource for your clients to tap into. 


As you can probably tell, podcasts are super diverse and span a wide range of topics. Even if you aren't necessarily into podcasts, it can be a great resource to recommend to some clients who might want to learn more. Try testing out a few different channels and keeping a list on hand to always be able to keep your clients entertained. If podcasts aren't for you, then we've got some great other softwares which you can choose to dedicate your time on instead. 

Author: Amy Marleau

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