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    Reduce Homepage Clutter on Your Website

    As a user interface designer, part of my job is to pique the interest of website visitors, usually starting with the homepage. Often times, an advisor's main goal on the homepage of their site is to sell themselves and I find that they do this by piling on heaps of information ...

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    Topics: advisor websites, reduce clutter, web design, website

    Advise for Advisors Looking to use PFM Tools

    Last week, we were treated with an insightful personal finance management tools roundtable discussion, lead by expert and founder of my Virtual COO, Jennifer Goldman. 

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    Topics: Technology, personal finance management

    Crafting the Perfect Social Media Content

    It can get overwhelming, not to mention confusing, trying to figure out the best content to share and where, especially with all the constant changes on social media sites. However, being aware of all the different types of content – text-based, images, videos, micro-videos, ...

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    Topics: financial social media, Social Media

    The Smart Advisor’s Guide to PPC Advertising

    Introducing the brand new ebook exclusively for financial advisors,

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    Topics: adwords, ebook, financial advisors ppc, Freebies, sep, pay per click