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    A Financial Advisor's Guide To Online Video Marketing

    If I asked you when you last watched a video online, I bet it wasn't that long ago. Nielsen reports that online video viewing on social networking sites was up by 98% in 2009 and studies show that including a video on your website even helps improve its organic rankings on ...

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    Topics: facebook for financial advisors, financial advisor online marketing, marketing ideas for financial advisors, Marketing, Online Marketing, resources for financial advisors, Sales Ideas

    How Facebook Ads Can Bring You More Clients

    By Daniel Cawrey

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    Topics: facebook ads for financial advisors, facebook for financial advisors, Social Media

    Survey: E-mail marketing for financial advisors

    Financial Advisors, have you run e-mail marketing campaigns before? If so we need your input for our upcoming survey:

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    Topics: e-mail marketing for advisors, Survey

    Financial Advisors: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile!

    I was just on LinkedIn creating a group and optimizing my profile.  How did optimize? Scoped out the competition! Ask yourself "When someone is searching for me/my profession, what do they type?"

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    Topics: 100% complete LinkedIn profile, Create a professional LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn for financial advisors, Social Media

    Advisors: Increase client retention and referrals with higher yields

    Getting new clients is hard. And once you've got them how do you keep them? Attentive customer care is important but ultimately it's about delivering good results. This article describes how the covered call strategy can be used by financial advisors to attract new clients and ...

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    Topics: client referral strategy for financial advisors, covered calls for advisors, increase client retention rate, Sales Ideas