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Marketing • Posted on Mar 27, 2020

Videos are an excellent way to communicate your message in an engaging way with your audience. Or quickly get a message out during times of rapid change and uncertainty - like the one we're experiencing right now! Many of us are visual learners, therefore making videos the ideal way of digesting content. While this is true for all types of messages, it is especially effective when attempting to explain or demonstrate a more complex concept. There’s a reason why YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world1, right after Google.


Why Videos Are An Excellent Marketing Tool

In addition to being a great communication tool, video content has a positive impact on your website’s performance as well. Videos engage your visitors! They help to deliver a better website experience by piquing the visitors’ interest through a more compelling way of telling your story or providing an update. It offers a reading break as well. We know web visitors have short attention spans, so anything that is more engaging is going to be more memorable.

Leading into our next point; Videos are great for SEO! Keeping the visitor on your site / page longer, therefore signalling to the search engines that you’re offering content that is of interest and worth ranking for.

Videos are social! They’re highly shareable across all social media platforms, helping to drive traffic (and hopefully leads) back to your website. If you’re posting and sharing video content on your website that is useful, educational, and relevant, your visitors are that much more likely to share it. 


Best Types of Marketing Videos for Financial Advisors

Meet the Team / About Us - A video that introduces your firm, team members, area of expertise and specialization can help to quickly build credibility with the visitor. It’s a more compelling way of conveying your story. You have the ability to show a bit of personality and add a human touch to your organization.  

Explainer / How-To - An explainer or a how-to video can provide an explanation or a demonstration of a typical question you receive. Not only is it more efficient than answering the same question to individual clients, but it also helps to build authority on your website. You may even consider creating a series of these in a FAQ format for your blog. 

Company Update -
A short video to share a company update or announcement such as a new team member joining, an expansion, a move, or new services being added. It’s a great way of creating content for your social media channels to keep your audience up-to-date and staying in touch and top of mind. The recipient is much  more likely to watch a quick 30 second video than read a long email.


How To Leverage Videos

Getting in front of the camera and delivering your points easily may take some time, but you actually finding it quicker to record a video offering an answer to a common question from your clients, than writing it out many times over. That being said, producing videos can be challenging and time consuming to get right! So be prepared to spend some time, especially in the beginning, on properly planning and executing your video. 


Consider also leveraging pre-existing video content for your website or blog. This can be a great tool in addition to recording your own videos. At Advisor Websites we are committed to helping financial advisors market their services digitally. Our platform offers a Content Library filled with pre-written articles and videos to be utilized on your website and blog. 


To help you get started, we're sharing this free downloadable video. The topic of this video is: "What Is Your Risk Management Plan". Download it now and embed on your blog or website to kickstart your video marketing! 



For current Advisor Websites clients

This video is available in your Content Library on your Dashboard, simply search the title "What Is Your Risk Management Plan".

If you need help, give us a call at 1-866-638-0273 or schedule a time here. We're happy to assist with embedding a video for you or navigating the Content Library. 

You may also refer to the following help article: How do embed a video on my website?






At Advisor Websites we help financial advisors grow their business and enhance their digital marketing strategies with their own personalized website. Our platform offers a selection of effective and proven frameworks that are personalized to reflect your business and brand.

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