March Webinar - BackNine Insurance & Advisor Websites: Life Insurance Lead Generation Best Practices

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On March 21st, we broadcasted our latest webinar: Life Insurance Lead Generation Best Practices with BackNine Insurance and Advisor Websites. We were joined by Reid Tattersall of BackNine Insurance, as we explored industry best practices for life insurance lead generation.

In this webinar, we covered the challenges that financial advisors face as they attempt to create a captivating compliant website while integrating lead capturing tools that deliver measurable results. One such tool is offered by our good friends at BackNine Insurance, a boutique insurance brokerage that combines technology and personal relationships for brokers to sell and service their policy holders. Their mission is to increase the value that firms provide to clients and to simplify the selling of life, long term care, disability, and annuities. In doing so, companies can form a competitive advantage that resonates with prospects and clients that help insurance professionals take their business to the next level.

If you weren't able to attend the webinar, we have the recording available to view any time! Click here or on the button below to catch this informative presentation.


Stay tuned for our next partner webinar in the coming weeks!

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Topics: Lead generation for financial advisors, webtools for financial advisors, life insurance for financial advisors

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