April Webinar - Agendize & Advisor Websites: Maximizing Website Conversions with Agendize Scheduling

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On April 11th, we hosted an exciting webinar with Agendize: "Maximizing Website Conversions". In this webinar, we discussed strategies to make your website a high-converting machine with special guest, Marc Cormier, of Agendize. Watch this replay to learn why conversion rate optimization is so important! 

In this webinar, we discussed strategies for financial advisors to overcome the challenging process of maximizing website conversions. Learn how to make this process easy by integrating client scheduling tools on captivating compliant websites. One such tool is offered by our friends at Agendize, a leading provider of appointment booking and customer engagement solutions. Their revolutionary software platform aims to help businesses generate higher quality leads, improved business efficiency, maximize customer engagement and ultimately increase revenues. Their software includes online scheduling, free callbacks, live chat, dynamic forms, queuing management, email and SMS marketing, an integrated CRM and more!

If you weren't able to attend the webinar, we have the recording available to view any time! Click here or on the button below to catch this informative presentation. Stay tuned for our next partner webinar!



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