Targeted Content Marketing for Life Events

Marketing • Posted on Jan 16, 2019


It's important to celebrate life achievements and milestones, and as a financial advisor it might even be doubly important for you to help nurture a trusting relationship with clients. Therefore, a great way to remain connected to your clients, as well as providing them with an excellent service, is by guiding them through the big things in life with some expert financial advice. 

social media for targeted content marketing

Use Social Media

This may sound somewhat unconventional, but following your clients on social media might help you keep track of any important things they're going through. Often, people post their most important and valuable moments such as weddings and children. A study recently found that social media, marketing, and milestones are intrinsically tied into each other. People like to promote brands they care about during important times, and they like to be recognized by brands in return. If there is a sudden influx of clients buying houses, create a piece of content around the theme of dealing with the finances of buying a house. In the style of content marketing, this can be anything from a podcast, to a YouTube video, or blog article... Just remember to share it on your own social channels! 

tracking important dates with calendar

Collect Important Dates In a Calendar

If and whenever you may get the chance, record important dates such as birthdays and work anniversaries into a calendar, whether it be a paper calendar you enjoy carrying around, or a dedicated Google calendar. This way, you will always know who to send gifts to and when, and it can also help guide you through content topics if you are looking for something which can target your clients needs precisely based off what they're going through at that exact moment. 

Content for important holidays

Schedule Content Around Important Holidays

Of course, we've been delving into all these convoluted and somewhat time consuming methods for making sure your content aligns exactly with your clients lives, but in the process, we've neglected one very important and easy thing: public and popular holidays. With this, you won't need to take a deep dive into your clients social media accounts or meticulously record everything they share with you about their lives. Just choose some of the biggest and most important holidays of the year, and craft something around that. Here's an example for you: during the winter holidays, you might benefit from writing a Whitepaper or E-book on how to curb unnecessary holiday spending, and how to bounce back from holiday spending with investments or savings. 


In the end, using your clients lives as a guideline to your content marketing strategy can be a very interesting approach. However, it's important to always approach topics from a broad perspective. What we mean by this, is that nobody wants to be called out by name, or feel targeted. If you keep things open ended, it will also have the added benefit of being useful to all current customers and leads! 


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