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Amy McIlwain
Amy McIlwain • Posted on Oct 25, 2013

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It also happens to be one of the truest forms of good business, and follows suit in social media. There were few early adopters of social media in the financial industry, but more and more advisors are jumping on board. Lucky for some of you slow movers, the trail to social media marketing success has been blazed for you by many of your peers.

Financial advisors are using social media to reach their target market, relate to potential customers on a more personal level, and share of-the-minute industry insights and news. Lucky for you, their tactics are right out in the open, free for you to watch, and learn. Here’s a list of advisors to keep an eye on:

Mith SlaterMitch Slater

Mr. Slater is the Senior VP at UBS Financial services. He took part in an internal social media training program provided by UBS for their advisors and now he’s killing it with over 1,000 Twitter followers and 500+ connections on LinkedIn.

How he does it:  A self-proclaimed “Springsteen Historian,” Slater users Twitter to share personal stories and experiences, allowing him to relate to other Twitter users on a completely different level. In between industry re-tweets of valuable industry article links, you can also be entertained by his opinions on sports and Breaking Bad Marathons. Additionally, Slater has used LinkedIn to show his audience who he is with a complete work history, optimized profile summary, and even photos and articles using the new “upload your work” feature, taking advantage of all that an optimized LinkedIn profile has to offer.

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oXYgenlogooXYGen Financial 

This Atlanta advisory firm which caters to individuals between 25 and 55 has a whopping 19,000+ likes on Facebook and more than 13,000 Twitter followers.

How they do it:  The firm is actively using Facebook to promote their blog, webinars, and radio spots along with sharing great pictures which add personality. On Twitter, they’re not just present. They’re in on the conversations that younger clients are engaging with, including credit cards for college students, how to save money by eating out less, and open enrollment information.

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MatsonMichelle Matson

VP of Matson Money, Michelle Matson is a self-proclaimed shoe and purse addict and she uses this infatuation to reach out to the average woman with the motto: “Get Dressed to Invest… because financial confidence looks fabulous on every woman!”

How she does it:  Talk about creating a brand with integrated social media. She’s got it. Example: Head to Michelle’s website and you immediately land on her blog. You’re in luck, it’s Fabu-Shoe Friday and there is a picture of a funky pair of shoes to make you smile. Not only that, but Michelle encourages you to share your own pair by tweeting #Fabushoe to her Twitter handle. Or, you might join the Dressed to Invest Facebook fanpage or LinkedIn group which both act as a forum to share relevant discussions with your peers and potential clients. Want more inspiration? Follow her Fabu-Shoe Board on Pinterest and you’ll never miss out on her Friday fun.  In addition to talking financial shop and connecting with other industry leaders on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, she has fun by creating customized content (original graphics, pictures from events, etc.) based on her interests that she knows potential clients can relate to.

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CoxJamie Cox

Jamie Cox, managing partner at Harris Financial Group, not only walks the walk, but also talks the talk with over 15,000 Twitter followers, over 1,000 Facebook likes, and more than 500 LinkedIn connections.  Jamie recently hosted two breakout sessions at the LPL Conference on how financial advisors can use Twitter. This guy clearly knows what he’s doing.

How he does it: On social media, Jamie is connected and talking to the financial services biggest thought leaders, qualifying him as a dependable resource in the industry. Beyond his super star activity, Jamie has taken Twitter one step further with his customized background. It looks like a webpage, highlighting his accomplishments and contact information. This goes to show the simple things, like your page background, can make a big impact.

Jamie has also utilized LinkedIn advertisements to reach a niche demographic with specifically targeted messages. Because LinkedIn allows you to define your ad audience by location, company, salary, and job title, he can use multiple ad campaigns to get in front of different groups of people. Each ad links to a dedicated landing page on his website for that ad which drives traffic and provides valuable information for the visitor. This tactic gives allows Jamie to turn his LinkedIn followers into tangible leads.

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CutterJeff Cutter

There’s been a lot of buzz floating around lately about integrating video into your marketing plan and Jeff Cutter of Cutter Financial Group is showing that this tactic does indeed lead to success.

How he does it: Jeff’s YouTube channel features all of his press appearances which are used to further increase visibility of those appearances and traffic to his site. By embedding these videos on his site, sharing them out to Facebook, and even integrating Facebook ad campaigns around specific appearances, Jeff is able to take a 3 minute interview and give it life for weeks and even months on the web.  This example is a nice reminder of how social media can make the most of all of those career successes you work so hard for.

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skidmoreGreg Skidmore

Greg is the Founder and President of Wealth Management and Chief Investment Officer for Belpointe Asset Management. Last Spring he was listed as one of Wall Street Journal’s top advisors on Twitter.

How he does it: His 12,000+ followers and 500+ LinkedIn connections prove that it’s not just about showing up, but what you say that counts. Greg is doing everything you should be doing on Twitter- talking, sharing, and connecting. He also tweets various photos and videos which takes his engagement to another level.

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So, what can you learn from these social media all-stars?

1. Find a niche that works for you.
Knowing your audience and the goal behind your social media efforts makes it easier to create tailored content that your target demographic can connect with.

2. Show your personal side.
Take a picture of the view from your office, share a childhood memory, or tell a favorite joke. Social media marketing can’t be all about selling and schmoozing. Clients will find you more likeable and trustworthy if they feel like they know you beyond your job title.

3. Get in on the conversation.
You don’t want to be that person who shows up to an event and stands silent in the corner. This is okay in the beginning when you’re just getting started on social, but not forever. Social media is a great setting with an almost unlimited audience in which you can be outgoing, strut your stuff, and make strong connections. Who you’re talking to and what you’re saying can speak volumes to your credibility and knowledge in the financial arena.

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