Interview with social rockstar Kate Holmes

Marketing • Posted on Jul 7, 2014


Recently we had a chance to sit down and talk to Kate Holmes of Belmore Financial. What attracted us to Kate was the fact that she has integrated social media along with a well structured website into her business. Kate's personality shines bright through her online publications, making her very approachable for many clients.

Unique in the fact that she often stated that the purpose of her business is to "help and educate people" on matters of her expertise. Kate wants to "spend as much time as possible actually helping people". It's no doubt that her key to success lies in continuing to develop and showcasing her contagious personality.

Due to the use of both online publications and a solid web presence, including several different forms of social media, Kate is able to showcase her genuine and personable traits online.


Kate originally started as a RIA for 7.5 years and ultimately ended up as a principle then a retirement specialist. She always wanted to help  people who didn't need to make investments but just wanted advice.

"I didn't want to look like all the other investment reps out there. My goal was to spend as much time as possible actually helping people”.


Recently Kate has begun writing for CNN money and have been featured in Investment News two times! Part of her business goals also entails trying to kept her social media platforms up-to-date and grow her online presence and exposure.

Social Media and Kate's Business

Social media plays a solid role in Kate's business as she looks for trends in the financial world. Interesting to us is that she fully understands how exactly social media fits into her overall strategies. This concept is extremely important for Advisors to grasp because without a complete understanding of how social media fits into your business, it will be very difficult to gauge the overall impact and direction.

The purpose of Kate's social media strategies is to showcase her personality and build a stronger relationship with them for the future. Seeing as how this is a core component of social media for businesses today, Kate is looking to give herself an advantage on younger generations.  As seen below, Kate's Instagram demonstrates thoughtful information with a combination of who she is. This is a powerful mix of messages that align directly with her business goal of becoming more approachable as well as providing valuable information.



When asked about why she thinks having an online presence is important for Advisors, Kate simply stated that "Its necessary". Looking into the future she sees her online presence as a channel to target the younger generations (20's to early 30's) . This market is the future and it's important that you are perceived as approachable by building a personal relationship. Also writing tailored content that moves your target market is quite powerful as she has had success in writing targeted articles that are specifically developed to peak the interest and get a response out of its readers.

Website and Kate's Business

Kate uses her website for number of different purposes. It is really the central part of her existence on the web. It drives traffic, allows potential clients to book a meeting, and showcases what she has to offer as an expert in her field. She indicates that her website typically wow's her visitors and becomes a bookmarked site for up to 4 months. With this Kate has already established a good reputation online and begin the relationship building process.

Overall Kate's website is a vital component of her business. It allows her business goals to be directly aligned with her online goals ensuring that she stays relevant  for many years to come.






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