The Periodic Table of SEO

Kellie Gibson
Kellie Gibson • Posted on Feb 20, 2015

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can feel a little like mixing a bunch of chemicals together in a test tube and waiting to see if you get the reaction you want, that explosion of web traffic, and hoping it doesn't simply fizzle into a disappointing nothing.

Appropriate then that the folks over at Search Engine Land have put together the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors, so that your optimizing is a little less experimental and a little more precise.

The below infographic breaks SEO into two different categories: on- and off-the-page factors.

On-the-page factors are what you have the ability to control - how good the quality of your writing is, whether you've duplicated any pages on your website, if you've got keywords in your topic headings. Handily breaking the on-the-page factors down further into content, HTML, and architecture, makes it easy to tackle these one by one.

Off-the-page factors are a little more difficult to account for as you have less control over them, they're the optimizing that happens in the hands of others - readers, visitors, and other publishers.  This category can be broken down into links, trust, social, and personal sub-categories. But remember, just because these are harder to control, doesn't mean you don't have any influence over them. For instance, when it comes to social aspects, there are plenty of ways to optimize your content to be shared among social media channels more frequently.

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