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Advisor Websites • Posted on Jun 23, 2010

Recently, Loic from Advisor Websites shared a great chart about effective e-mail marketing techniques which shows that how effective an e-mail marketing campaign could be. E-mail marketing is still one of the most affordable marketing methods in online world. A well planned e-mail marketing campaign can easily produce quick results for you without spending a lot of money. So, now the question that arises is how you can do effective e-mail marketing. Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of great tips which you should follow during your e-mail marketing campaign.

Use Personalized Subject Lines

The first thing a receiver sees in your e-mail is its subject line. The recipient’s decision to open or not to open the email will be highly influenced by the subject line of your email. Simply said, a subject line can make or destroy entire e-mail marketing campaigns. Here comes the importance of personalized subject lines. Personalized subject lines are more effective when compared to simple Subject lines. How to write personalized subjects? Use recipient’s names in the subject link, if they have worked with you in past you can put some information about that too in E-mail subject. Personalized subject lines arouse a sense of curiosity among recipients and improve the E-mail open rate.

Segmented Messages

Segment your e-mail recipients list in to different sub-groups according to their interests, previous buying history, Source from where you found their contact details, date they joined etc and then send segmented messages to them. Sending segmented messages helps you to communicate directly with a specific group of your target audience and allows you to increase your ROI and conversion rate.

Take care of timing

The other important thing you must take care of is the time you are sending your e-mails. If you want to invite your recipients’ for weekend meet up, then a campaign on Friday will work better than Monday. Similarly, if most of your target audience has 9-5 job then you may want to send e-mails during the lunch timings as they can check their personal e-mails at that time.

Use Relevant Content

The Biggest reason subscriber opt-out from e-mail lists is irrelevant content. Make sure that the content of your e-mail is relevant and useful for your recipients. Develop your content from the viewpoint of your subscribers. Your e-mail content should be about them, about their problems, about their benefits and Not about you or how great your products and services are.

Understand how Spam Filters Work

You don’t need to be a spammer to get your e-mail trapped by Spam filters. They can go to junk folders even if you are sending to people who opted for your e-mails. There are a lot of factors that can get your e-mail marked as Spam.  To learn more about Spam filters, here is a great article from Mailchimp on How Spam filters think and work.

Avoid sending frequent e-mails

Everyone wants to get the maximum from his e-mail list but sending promotional e-mails frequently to your subscribers can make them frustrated and get you marked as spammer. So make sure that you don’t send e-mails very frequently and contact them only when you are running some great offers and something of great value that is worth sharing.

Test, Test and Test

Testing is the most effective way to improve the performance of your e-mail marketing campaign is to fine-tune them on the basis of their results. The easiest and most popular way to test is A/B split tests. For E.g- If you have 500 e-mails in your list. Divide them into three groups of 100,100 and 300. Send e-mail A to first group and e-mail B to second group. Find out the winning e-mail that gets more clicks and sales and send it to the third group. You can use such test to find lot of things like the best day and time to send e-mail, the best subject line, the best offer etc.

These are the six tips which every financial advisor should follow during their email marketing campaigns. Have you launched any email marketing campaign in past or currently doing it? What conversion rate you got and how your improved it? Please share your tips with us in comments below.

Author: Roger Rae has managed the online marketing for Fortepromo Promotional products, a Minnesota-based promotional stress balls company, for over three years. He's also a big movie buff. You can email Roger at:


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