5 Signs That Your Site's Content is Holding Your Business Back

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6 Common Content Mistakes Made by Financial Advisors

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website usabilityEven if you blog with frequency, and invest in online marketing to drive traffic to your landing pages—you may unknowingly be holding your business back. The five tips below highlight some of the most common mistakes business owners make when writing their content. The good news is, all of these mistakes are fast and easy to rectify.

It's Too Repetitive

Consistency is indeed key, and there are certainly points that you want to drive home—but your content should not be too repetitive. If your content reads as too repetitive, it may be due to the fact that you are trying to squeeze in your keyword phrase as often as possible. Why keywords certainly need to be present, they should flow naturally within your content.

It's Too Sales Heavy

While your primary goal is indeed to generate more leads and sales, sales-heavy content is not the best way to achieve your goal. In fact, if your content is too sales heavy it may do the exact opposite—and drive the traffic you generate away in just a matter of seconds. Consider the websites you most enjoy. What they are all sure to have in common is their relevance to the product, service, industry, or business. The content that generates the best results excels at providing relevant information. For example, instead of just focusing on what you have to sell—focus on the specific solutions it will solve for your website visitor.

It's Too Formal

When writing your blog posts and landing pages, you certainly want your content to be professional—but it also needs to be engaging. Feel free to write your content in a conversational and relatable tone. Depending on your brand and target audience, it may also be appropriate to write with personality—and still be viewed as competent, relevant, and professional.

It's Too Lengthy

Another common mistake is that content is simply too lengthy. While you need to ensure that all bases are covered, content needs to be short, sweet, and to the point. If you feel as though you are not able to successfully communicate all of the relevant information in one blog post, consider making it a two-part post.

It's Not Visually Appealing

The fact of the matter is, many of your website visitors will not read your landing page or blog post in its entirety. This makes it even more important that your content is well laid-out, and easily highlights your key points. Turn to the tips below to ensure that your content is visually appealing.

  • All key points must be placed above the fold.
  • Break up content with subtitles.
  • Use relevant charts, graphs, and images.
  • Add links to relevant videos.
  • Use list and bullet points when applicable.
  • Ensure that the font is easy to read.
  • Ensure that the colors of the page are not too distracting.
  • Ensure that the graphic design is sleek and clean—even when viewed on mobile devices.

If your blog posts and landing pages are not generating the success you desire, revisit the five areas above to search for areas of opportunity.

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This post was authored by Lola Collums and originally appeared here on Clear Sky SEO.

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