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Advisor Websites • Posted on Oct 18, 2016

Think of your website as a live entity on the internet. Once content is published online, that information is available to the world and becomes a viable source of interaction and information for visitors and customers. Live content enters the databases of search engines and from there, your website becomes accessible through another portal.

Updating your website with fresh blog content weekly helps keep your page relevant and alive online. In other words, an up-to-date blog will gain more search engine traction and in turn, lead to a successful website.

The internet is a competitive ring of searchable and clickable information. Staying relevant is crucial in keeping your website healthy and accessible.


Current blog posts help keep your website afloat amongst the galaxy of blogs available online. The trick to remember is: more content will equal to more keywords. A website that is updated with fresh content weekly will present more opportunities for those necessary keywords to be optimized for powerful search engines.

It is imperative to write content based on what your readers crave, and the audience you are catering to. Incorporating those necessary keywords gently into the text as well as the Meta tags, tags, and titles will only lead to a better read blog post, and more a clickable article.

Keywords should be a vital part of your SEO strategy, however, the entire SEO campaign for your website should not only hook around a single keyword or keyword phrase. Posting quality content weekly that embeds your necessary keywords into the blog will generate more SEO traffic and will be more successfully searched online without compromising your blog’s content quality.

Learn how to add meta tags and keywords on the Advisor Websites dashboard.

The freedom of accessible information

Websites that keep their audiences engaged and informed earn credibility and a loyal readership. Out of date blogs not only become stale in the search engine field, but they also do not garner a sense of reliability for readers, visitors, and customers.

For blogs that post content based on consumers and products, staying current in your online information is essential. It allows you to stay relevant in the search engine food chain, and gain traction in your online presence. It also allows for you to keep on top of what is most prevalent online, and how to incorporate that into your blog and business strategy.

Searching for information online is now second nature in the 21st century. If your blog is not updated and ready to inform, how will it be located?

Blog your brand into leadership

While posting frequent content with strategic SEO tactics and keywords is indeed crucial, often, quantity of articles reigns over quality. Let this be known: a well-written article will put your business on the map. Blogging weekly is important to stay in the game, but posting quality articles makes your website one to be trusted and re-visited time and time again.

By posting articles that ring true with your audience and demonstrate research and thought, your website is bound to gain a loyal readership. The more a website can display it’s knowledge in the field, the more the consumer will be trustworthy of the services and information.

Make your blog a leader of information, and quality content.

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Lester Tiro is the Partners Manager for Advisor Websites where he manages the company’s online presence and educates financial services professionals on how to maximize the potential of a strong web presence.



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