#1 Tip for Creating a Unique Financial Website: Cookie Cutters

Kirsten Ulveland
Kirsten Ulveland • Posted on Feb 22, 2017

The term "cookie cutter" is not a positive term in a lot of industries, especially the web industry.

It brings up the image of thousands of identical, cheap, and mass produced products. A sentence I hear a lot is: "I do not want a cookie cutter website."

That is a fair statement, you shouldn't want a website that's the same as everyone else's! But 'cookie cutters' save you a lot of time, money, and stress.


Why all the bad rep with cookie cutter design?

What do you think of when someone says 'cookie cutter' design?

I bet it's buying a template, putting in a couple of paragraphs, your logo, some pictures, and a few different font styles.

The result? A website equivalent of a 'cut and shut' car.

You want a website as unique as you are!

When it comes to building a new website, you want something "built from scratch," right? Okay let's talk about what this actually means.

First, you'll look at a lot of websites for inspiration. Yes good work! You need to have a clear idea of what you like and don't like.

Then, you'll narrow down the websites you like to three and tell a web design company: "build me a website that is a combination of these three. But make it completely unique to my company.

Cookie Cutter

What happens next? About 8-10 months of mock-ups, phone calls, more mock-ups, extra charges, passive aggressive emails, and reviewing the contract 10 times trying to figure out what a $1500 "holistic review" fee is.

After all that work you end up with a website that looks remarkably like one of the three websites you shared during your first phone call.


Cookie cutters are designed to work

Those first three websites you picked for inspiration all have one thing in common: you want the features they have on your own site.

Thousands of hours have been spent studying where people look and click on a website. Using this data, website design standards are set out so people can build a website that gets viewers past the first page, submitting their contact details, and ultimately, giving you a lead.

When you create a site using the best-in-class design, you have a website that has a better chance of getting a low bounce rate and some leads. You have the blueprint of an awesome website.

Cookie Cutter


You are now ready to make this website as unique as you are!

"Cookie cutter" is a term that is unfairly seen as a negative. Cookie cutters reduce time, costs, and stress levels by providing ready made and easily updatable components.

This gives you a stable foundation to build your vision on top of. I don't bet, but if I had to put money on who would be happier after building a website: Person with a blank canvas vs. Person using a "cookie cutter," I would put my life savings on the person using a "cookie cutter."


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