The 7 Best Email Marketing Strategies For Financial Advisors

Marketing • Posted on Nov 6, 2018


Pretty much everyone with a business that is online engages in email marketing nowadays, and if you're not, you should get in on it! To help you on your journey towards writing incredible emails, here are 7 of the best marketing email strategies which financial advisors should put into play. 

1) Targeted/Personalized

The worst thing a client or lead can feel is that they are irrelevant to you. Generic emails that are clearly being sent to 500 other people should be avoided at all costs. A super easy way to make an email feel targeted would be like the example below, by checking in on someone and making sure to use the word "you". If possible, you can also generate emails with personalized names in the heading. 

Personalized email for financial advisors
2) Simple Design 

The simpler your design is, the easier it will be to draw attention to your message, or whatever else serves the purpose of your email. In the example below, we see that the attention is mainly sent to the welcome sign, and to the "Let's Get Started" call-to-action. Even without reading the email, it's clear that the intention is to nudge the reader into getting started on their journey with this company. Clarity in design, means clarity in message and the client can get a quick and easy understanding of the email.

Simple design email for financial advisors3) Calls-to-Action

Call-to-action buttons are probably the most useful thing you can have in an email. CTA's usually come in the form of a button or line of text asking the viewer to do something. In the example above, the CTA is "Let's Get Started", and the one below is "See the Infographic". A formula which you may notice reappearing in advertisements containing CTA's is What + Why. Mention what it is they should be doing and why that action should be performed. Below, we see the email mentions the what: a snapshot of 5 important emails, and why: because every marketer should send these emails. 

Calls-to-action in emails for financial advisors

4) Mobile Ready & Responsive

It's a proven fact that the majority of people read their email on their phones or other mobile devices. If you send an email that is illegible, not only are you turning clients off, you are also missing out on the chance to capture over half of your subscribers. Make sure emails are compatible with all devices, and you're all set and ready to go!

Mobile responsive emails for financial advisors

5) Use Videos

Videos can be a little tricky or expensive to make, but they sure do catch people's attention. This is more of an occasional treat than an every email kind of thing, but if you have something big to share, a video reveal can add even more hype to your announcement email. 

Video In Emails for Financial Advisors

6) Automate

Automatic messages will save you lots of time and effort. Writing a message such as the one below to leads that come through your site is a great way to keep in touch with potential clients without having to, well, keep in touch. Make sure to pair this with point #1 above to avoid something overly generic and/or boring.

Automated Emails for Financial Advisors

7) Keep Email Lists Clean

Making sure to keep your email subscription list clean is a great way to make sure clients don't get annoyed by your messages, and that you can keep up to date with active clients or leads. A simple email such as the one demonstrated below with a call-to-action asking people to renew their status on your email list will keep things clean, updated, and satisfy some customers running the risk of becoming unhappy. 

Clean email lists for financial advisors


 So there you have it, the 7 best email tips with examples to set you ahead on the path to becoming a marketing expert. Your clients want to hear from you, and value your advice, so don't hesitate to reach out. Remember: emails don't have to be boring, and they are a great way to provide value!


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