Automation: Why, How and When To Use It

Amy Marleau
Amy Marleau • Posted on Dec 13, 2018


If you are interested in finding ways to save yourself time and effort, then this article will be sure to appeal to you! Today we'll be covering ways in which you can integrate automation into your work. If this guide doesn't fully satisfy you then check out this article for more! 

What is automation?

Merriam Webster defines automation as: "the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically". Therefore, automation is a powerful tool for anyone in the financial services industry, or any industry where people tend to be very busy and want to up their tech game. 


 How To Automate

Now, this is a pretty huge task as there are so many ways you can do this from complex coding that requires technical skills or an IT staff, to super simple tasks like scheduling automatic blog posts. The short answer to this question is that there are many ways to automate, you just have to choose your preferred method based on complexity and how much time you want to devote to this task. Below, we've collected a few ways you can automate. 

Automation for financial advisors

When to Automate


If you find yourself repeating some tasks over and over, maybe this could be a chance to automate. Granted, you can't really automate phone calls with clients. However, if you send an email or social media post habitually, then those are things you might want to make automatic. 


As mentioned above, emails can be automated. With Gmail you can use the delay send feature to schedule an email that goes out regularly. This could be things such as: emails when out of office, regularly posted things such as a weekly or monthly newspaper that you can batch write whenever convenient, etc. 

Outside Apps

Some apps may help you make your journey into automation a little easier. For example, Asana can help you simplify your task management and MixMax can help schedule emails and track your correspondence. 


While there are some incredibly complicated forms of automation such as self-driving cars, not everything has to be complex. In fact, not everything has to be 100% technologically operated or 100% automatic. The entire point of beginning to automate is to try and make life a little easier. So, enjoy the process of automatizing, and you may find you have more time to spend on things you really care about. 


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