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    Berk Dikmen

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    Your All-In-One Guide to Event Marketing

    Introduction You've heard of content marketing, video marketing, and digital marketing. Now, we're bringing you something super cool which you might not have heard of yet: event marketing. Even if you haven't heard of it, you're probably already participating in it. So, let's ...

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    Client Appreciate Ideas to Celebrate Milestones

    Introduction In a previous blog post, we briefly discussed ways you can integrate holiday greetings and special events into your marketing strategy. This time, we will delve a little bit deeper into that and bring you a few ways in which you can keep in touch with, and connect ...

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    Topics: client satisfaction, managing client relationships, client appreciation

    6 Discovery Questions to Determine your Clients' Retirement Needs

    Introduction Everyone has different life goals, therefore it isn't much of a stretch to say that everyone has different retirement goals. In order to help gage what your clients' goals are, and what they will need from you, here are 6 questions y0u might want to try asking them. 

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    The Importance of Tech When Taking On Young Clients

    Introduction We have discussed how to engage and reach out to younger demographics before here at Advisor Websites. One piece of advice we always come back to is that younger generations enjoy and value technology. However, how much technology should be used, and what types? ...

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    Topics: marketing to millenials, technology for financial advisors, useful technology for financial planners, millenials