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    Mobile Browsing Amongst Financial Advisors

    While some sources claim that mobile devices are responsible for under 10% of website traffic, we at Advisor Websites have found something quite different.  If you refer to the photo that accompanies this post, you will see that in one day, 10 out of the 36 visits a certain ...

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    Topics: Analytics, Design, ipad for financial advisor, mobile site statistics

    The Secret to Twitter Search

    With all the confusion involved in learning the ins and outs of social networking sites “search” is one item that seems pretty self explanatory.  Well, think again.  Twitter search is actually a powerful and complex tool that can help you find the best people to connect with in ...

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    Topics: how to use twitter, twitter for financial advisors, twitter search, Social Media

    Social Media Friday

    As it turns out, our first ever Social Media Friday on May 6th turned out to be quite a success, so it's back this week.  Social Media Friday is when we provide you with some interesting and relevant social media news from recent time.  Enjoy!

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    Topics: social media articles for advisors, Social Media

    Skype for Financial Advisors

    Inspired by Monday's infograph (see below) featured on Mashable, this seems like a good time to take a look at how financial advisors can benefit from Skype.  During the past couple years, Skype has rolled out some useful features that give it the potential to be a powerful tool ...

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    Topics: Blogging, How-To, how to increase client retention, innovative tools for advisors, skype for client meetings, time management solutions, video calling for financial advisors

    The Next Level Advisor

    Can you teach an old dog new tricks?  This may be an overused metaphor, but it is an argument that can easily be applied to the financial industry.

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    Topics: financial advisor age, future financial advisor, How-To, obstacles for financial advisors

    Social Media ROI: Return on Influence

    If 2010 was the year that corporations and individuals accepted the fact that social media was not longer a fad, 2011 will be remembered as the year that a return was expected. It’s not surprising that something so popular would be expected to be profitable. How else could you ...

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    Topics: Social Media

    Social Media Friday!

    We're going to try something a little different today on our blog.  Instead of the usual Friday Links and Blogs Round Up, we are going to put the focus more on social media.

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    Topics: social media friday, Social Media, Social media for financial advisors

    The Art of the Invite

    How Personal Messaging Increases Network Connections I was at a conference a few weeks ago listening to an excellent presentation by JD Gershbein on the power of LinkedIn in business communications.  He told a great joke that resonates with me everyday while I’m networking ...

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    Topics: How-To, LinkedIn, networking for financial advisors, Sales Ideas, Social Media

    Still Not Convinced Twitter is Here?

    Although the number of active Twitter users doesn't really compare to the amount that Facebook has, the power of Twitter's smaller (in comparison) user-base is incredible.

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    Topics: financial advisors on twitter, the power of twitter, twitter for financial advisors, Social Media