Simple Setup FAQ


  • How long does the Simple Setup process take and when can I go live?

    It all depends on how quickly you complete the Setup Guide, including how many pages and pieces of content you choose to add. You have access to pre-written content that you can utilize, so you can complete most of the Setup Guide in a matter of minutes!

    After the Setup Guide is complete, all you have to do is submit your website to compliance for approval (if applicable), and connect your domain in order to go live.

  • Do you provide a Domain Name?

    No, you will need to purchase your domain name separately before you can go live with your new website. Our recommendation for a domain name provider is GoDaddy registrar.

    Once you’ve purchased your domain, go to the last step of the Setup Guide and click on “Connect your domain”.

  • Are there any fees for Simple Setup and do I need to provide a credit card to get started?

    Absolutely not! The Simple Setup process allows you to by-pass the setup fees altogether and build your website for free. The only associated fees are with the purchase of your domain through a third-party provider. Once you have built your website and are ready to launch, you will need to select a monthly or annual plan. More info on on our plans here.

  • How long do I have to complete the Setup Guide?

    You have 14 days from the time you sign up to complete the Simple Setup process. This is your Free Trial period to build your new site with no setup fees!

  • Am I obligated to launch my site once I sign up?

    Nope, a free trial is a free trial :) 

  • My website has design issues! What do I do?

    If you’re experiencing difficulties or issues with your website setup or design, you may contact us at or call our Support team at 866-638-0273.



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