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See how Bill Parrott has increased website traffic by over 240% since upgrading to a newer, more powerful platform.


Bill Parrott started his investment career in 1989, and worked for many corporate companies in California, Connecticut and Texas. In 2003, Bill obtained the Certified Financial Planner designation. Outside of work, Bill has been married to Tonya for almost 30 years, is a proud father of Hannah, and enjoys fly-fishing, hiking and other physical activities, and even completed the Boston Marathon in 2011. 

The Need For A Website

When Bill Parrott left the corporate world to start his own business, he knew that in order to be found he needed a website.

Bill explains it perfectly, “If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist.” 

When clients are looking for a financial advisor, they do their research before making a decision. Bill has found that potential clients come to him very informed and ready to get started.

“They [leads/customers] come with questions that are very informed. They’re aware of the fee structure and the services we offer… By the time they get to me they’re ready to work with me.” - Bill.

Parrott Wealth Management

The Need To Upgrade

‘Legacy’ was the first website platform provided by Advisor Websites back in the early 2000s. As the digital world changed, Advisor Websites launched a new, more powerful, website platform in 2017 referred to as ‘Force’.

Note: all new websites are built on Force.

Several years went by since building his initial website with Advisor Websites, and Bill received a call about the benefits of upgrading from the Legacy platform to Force, the new and improved website solution.

With a greater emphasis on mobile deliverability and the increase of mobile traffic, this was the leading factor to make the switch.

“They explained the advantages of upgrading; more site options, better looking format, but also the way it was delivered on mobile. There are more features, and the new website allows me to do more things.” - Bill.

One of the other main benefits of upgrading is to improve SEO (search engine optimization). This is achieved through better meta tag options, a faster performing site, and SSL certificate. To maximise online visibility, Bill also took advantage of the SEO Add On service available at Advisor Websites.

Parrott Wealth GMB

The Stats

Since upgrading to Force in May 2019, Bill has experienced almost double the amount of website traffic year-on-year.

Between 2018 and 2019 (2018 being the Legacy platform and 2019 being on Force), Bill’s website traffic grew by 47.7% over the following six months. Then in 2020, it has seen another increase of 60.4% compared to the same six month period in 2019.

That’s a total increase of 241.42% in website visitors between June/July 2018 and 2020! 

Parrott Wealth Stats


A View From The Perch, written by William Robert Parrott, CFP® 

This book is a collection of financial short stories, blogs, and other musings written to help the reader become a better investor.

A view from the perch

Image: Book & CTA from Parrott Wealth's website

Website traffic is one metric, but the true metric for business growth is an increase in leads. When asked whether he receives more leads now his answer was, “Yeah!”.

Leads are captured through CTAs (call to action buttons). The highest performing CTA on Bill’s site for new leads is the request for a copy of his book, A View From The Perch.

Second to the book, Bill captures leads through his newsletter subscription form.

Both these CTAs are visible above the main menu on his website, as well as various other locations throughout the site; capturing as many leads as possible.

In addition to website CTAs, Bill conducts Google advertising based on location to attract new visitors to his site. He also sends out regular newsletters to his database featuring blog links, driving further traffic to his website.


More Than Mobile Features

Mobile responsiveness is Bill’s favourite feature of his new website.

“The old website doesn’t look quite right on the phone, and the cleanliness of the new site looks great as it doesn’t look cluttered,” said Bill.

Desktop Vs Mobile

The increase of mobile website visitors is one of the reasons Advisor Websites created the new Force platform. The old Legacy platform is mobile friendly, but it isn’t mobile responsive. 

Check out this article for more information on Mobile Friendly Vs Mobile Responsive websites.


Being a sleek new platform, the back-end-editor is easier to navigate to make changes to the website. 

In Bill’s experience, “It’s very easy to make changes. If anything is over my head I contact the support team and they do it for me… The support team is a big difference. They’re easy to work with and so accommodating.”

In addition to mobile responsiveness, there are many other benefits of the Force website platform:

  • Enhanced Security - protect your website and your clients’ information with an SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Search Engine Optimization - be found on Google with enhanced search engine optimization features.
  • Speed - Force websites are faster, helping both the user experience as well as SEO ranking.
  • Content Scheduler - Save time and stay organized by scheduling your blog posts in advance with the built-in Content Scheduler. Build your content marketing calendar with pre-set time and dates for your posts. 
  • Automated Social Media Sharing - engage your audience and drive traffic to your website by automatically sharing your recent updates and blog posts on your social media channels.
  • Lead Manager - easily capture lead information via an online contact form. You also have the option to export them as csv or vCard files.
  • Modern Design - modern website designs so your firm stands out amongst the competition.
  • Design Manager - easily make timely updates to information and design elements on your website when needed. The Design Manager is intuitive and easy to use, without knowing any code!

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Why Advisor Websites

Advisor Websites Home PageBeing a long-standing user of Advisor Websites and having experience with both platforms, Bill listed his favourite things about being a client, and why he doesn’t hesitate to recommend Advisor Websites to other financial advisors.

Bill’s comments included; “Easy to use,” “professional,” "great platform with lots of features” and “hassle free.”

“[Being a financial advisor] we have to worry about many things, and the last thing I want to worry about is my website.” said Bill. 

Between all the benefits and the helpful support team, Bill doesn’t have to worry about his website. Instead, he can spend his time on marketing activities to help drive new business, such as writing blogs and providing education and value to clients and leads, which is something that Bill loves to do.


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