(Webinar: June 20, 2018) CoPilot Advisor & Advisor Websites: The Power of Technology as a Reliable Referral Source

Marketing • Posted on Jun 11, 2018

On June 20th, Advisor Websites and CoPilot Advisor hosted an exciting webinar: "The Power of Technology as a Reliable Referral Source". In this webinar, special guest Sean Brouwer of CoPilot Advisor, discusses how financial advisors can use different fintech tools in combination with their websites to create reliable referral sources.

Registration link: https://www.advisorwebsites.com/the-power-of-technology-as-a-reliable-referral-source 

Advisor Websites has recently partnered up with CoPilot Advisor to bring financial advisors a new lead capturing tool to use on their websites. They offer captivating lead quizzes that prospects can engage with when visiting a website, which helps financial advisors turn traffic into warm, qualified leads. They also offer artificial intelligence LinkedIn direct prospecting, which saves financial advisors time by lining up leads and appointments for them! 
In this webinar, we discuss how financial advisors can leverage technology to create a reliable referral source, and as a way to generate more leads. As a financial advisor, you have a sea of prospects visiting your website every day, but most of these don't become actual leads. It's now more important than ever to engage with prospects in a meaningful way to capture their attention and warm them up as a potential customer. Social media can also be an avenue for referrals and leads, but often times, these referrals are often of poor quality. Our special guest, Sean Brouwer from CoPilot Advisor, shows you how to generate leads and build an unstoppable, snowball-like referral machine!




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